Video: Obama Appointee: ‘Never Bring Another Lawsuit Against a Black’

A Bob Parks Production via Big Government – this is a great synopsis of DOJ corruption and bias in the Black Panther case:

Good. I hope it gets very ugly for the Obama administration, the sooner the better. They are way past the point where they can just sweep this  under the rug.


Before November, we need to get a handle on the DOJ’s  vile politicization of voter fraud issues. I suspect the Dem Socialists are counting on a lot of illegal votes.

Hot Air: Audio: How the DoJ allowed voter fraud in Minnesota

MN talker Chris Baker (we still miss him, here in KC) interviewed former Department of Justice attorney turned whistleblower, J. Christian Adams.

There’s no way that unworthy clown,  Al Franken should  be a sitting Senator in the United States Congress. We laughed LAUGHED! at the thought. But who could have imagined that Soros and Co. would be so insidious and determined.

See also:

Commentary Contentions: Deliberate Nonfeasance at the DOJ

Enforcing the law is, perhaps, the prime duty of the Department of Justice.

The only reason I can think of why the DOJ would not want to purge the voter rolls of the names of those ineligible to vote is to make voter fraud as easy to accomplish as possible.

Chicago politics indeed.

It’s like ACORN has moved into the Dept. of Justice.