The Media’s Deplorable Double Standard In Covering The New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

Consider for a moment, these headlines:

Baton Wielding Tea Partier Blocks Entrance To Polling Station, Shouts Racial Slurs At Blacks

Tea Party Activist lashes out at Blacks: “You’re going To Have To Kill Some Niggas…and their Babies!”

Tea Partier Heaps Praise On Osama Bin Laden For Latest Killings In Afghanistan

Tea Party Activist Proudly Proclaims: “I Love Fightin’ Me Some Niggas!”

Imagine further that all of these offenses were caught on tape, and were not a figment of some Dem strategist’s Alinkyfied imagination.

What if a Tea Party affiliated election official was discovered to have canceled ballots cast by white black voters. He stuffed the ballot box with illegal ballots supporting his preferred black white candidates. He deployed teams of notaries to roam the countryside and mark absentee ballots instead of voters. He allowed forced assistance in the voting booth, to the detriment of white black voters. He threatened 174 white black voters by declaring that if they tried to participate in an election, he might challenge them and not let them vote.

Wow. Can you imagine the hue and cry? The wailing and gnashing of teeth? The howling from the lapdogs  just from MSNBC’s prime time line up, alone? Forget about the NAACP passing some lame resolution condemning “Tea Party Racism”…they would be calling for these miscreants’ heads on pikes.

The double standard in the MSM, and among Dems,  and the NAACP is almost  too much for a reasonable person to bear.

There was breathtaking silence about the Black Panther case in the MSM (outside of Fox) until Media Matters could come up with a sufficiently confusing and obfuscating  meme for them to work with.

Well, our friends on the left have done themselves proud —the meme  has finally been established!  Cynthia Tucker, writing for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution enthusiastically dove in:

Bush DOJ decided New Black Panthers no major case

It was clear from the beginning that this was not a case of voter intimidation against anyone who might vote for John McCain. As many observers noted on that day, no matter how badly those two New Black Panters were behaving (and the police were called and responded), it’s a HEAVILY DEMOCRATIC PRECINCT. As blogger Ben Smith noted way back then, “You don’t typically intimidate your own voters.”

But solid reporting from Media Matters and Adam Serwer of The American Prospect ought to put this nonsense to rest (it won’t, but it should). The charges against the New Black Panthers were downgraded by the Bush Department of Justice:

The decision not to file a criminal case occurred before Obama was even in office.

This means that the case was downgraded to a civil case 11 days before Obama was inaugurated, 26 days before Eric Holder became attorney general, and about nine months before Thomas Perez was confirmed as head of the Civil Rights Division.

“You don’t typically intimidate your own voters.”

They were there to intimidate white voters, and poll watchers, (to maximize illegal votes according to lifelong Democrat, Civil Rights Attorney,  Bartle Bull).

But I love this idea that if you live in a mostly Dem, (or mostly Repub?) district, it’s okay to intimidate some of the voters. FAIL.

“The charges against the New Black Panthers were downgraded by the Bush Department of Justice”.

And your point is?

Apparently Dave Weigel, and other dweebs on the left, are running with this new meme as well. Gabe, at AoSHQ, responded with  lawyerly precision:

To the Left and Dave Weigel (BIRM), this somehow means that Obama flunkies couldn’t have been responsible for circular-filing the case in May 2009. Well, the obvious flaw with this line of reasoning is that it was the dismissal of the civil case that caused an uproar and started the US Commission on Civil Rights sniffing around.

The Left wants to change the story to something about a criminal case against the hate-stick wielding racialists playing thug for a day at a polling place. Well, that’d be nice (who doesn’t love folks who brandish hate-sticks?), but that’s not what the story was about.

The Washington Times broke this on May 29, 2009 (note for idiot Leftists: that’s after Obama was inaugurated and after Perrelli joined Justice):

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

It was always about the civil complaint, right from the beginning. Adam Serwer is, well, an artard who wants to change the story. And Weigel uncritically repeats this Lefty meme as if it proves something.

Can you imagine these hacks running interference for the “racist teabaggers” I described at the beginning of this post?

I can’t either.


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Featuring howlers like: “The tea party is arming!”, (he’s right!), “raise your black hands!”, “The quickest way to get rid of  po-lice brutality is to get rid of the po-lice”!, “I love fighting me some crackers!…I love fighting peckerwoods, and niggas in the wood, too!”, “Po-lice shake in their boots when they see me!”

Indeed, yes, we’ve seen how tough Black Panthers can be when they’re met with strong opposition.


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Video: We Will Not Be Silenced

There seems to be some renewed  interest in this 2008 documentary about the rampant voter fraud and intimidation tactics employed by the Obama camp during the 2008 primaries. I originally posted this in 10/2008:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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I’m a little confused, because people keep calling it a new documentaryis the new “We Will Not Be Silenced”, simply a re-edited version of this one?


Finally! 2 Years Too Late, “We Will Not Be Silenced” Documentary Of Obama Campaign’s Voter Fraud and Intimidation in ’08 Given Airtime On Fox


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Not content to file one lawsuit (already piled on top of the ACLU/reconquista crowd’s lawsuit), Attorney General Eric Holder signaled this weekend that he’s prepared to file another complaint:

Perhaps this is Holder’s way of admitting how foundationally weak and bogus his first lawsuit against Arizona is.

Or perhaps he’s just an obnoxious  buffoon.

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Today, Gallup released the results of a recent poll which quantifies why so many on the left have eschewed the liberal label in favor of progressive. It finds that while just 12 percent of Americans say they would describe themselves as “progressive” and 31 percent say they would not, a majority of 54 percent are unsure about the meaning of the term. Thus, by using the word to describe their politics, Democrats can send a signal to small percentage of the population that embraces the term, while it will go over the heads most people — many of whom would be uncomfortable with a politician who described themselves as liberal.

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Gateway Pundit: Radical NAACP Leftists Propose Resolution Condemning “Tea Party Racism”

Isn’t post-racial America, wonderful?

It’s gonna be a long hot summer…

Roger L. Simon revisits the Rev. Wright Saga with Liar, liar: Why Obama is failing:

Barack Obama told us on several occasions then that he had not been aware of Wright’s extreme black nationalist views during the candidate’s twenty years in the reverend’s church. That made no sense, since Obama had dedicated his book to Wright, had his children baptized by him, etc. Also, Wright’s separatist brand of black liberation theology was no doubt quite familiar to Obama. It had been to many of us for decades.

Yet the mainstream media paid little attention, or tried not to, certainly did not deign to investigate in any depth. Indeed they went so far that many of them declared Obama’s attendant speech on race a masterpiece of the MLKing sort, when it was no more than an assemblage of clichés and mendacious clichés at that, since they covered up the obvious uncomfortable truth that the candidate knew all about Wright and, unlike Oprah Winfrey who left the Trinity Church years before, chose to ignore it for reasons he could or would not be honest about.

So we were lied to about this by Obama and the MSM winked. Yet it was a far more significant lie than Clinton’s proclamations about Monica Lewinsky, which only peripherally affected affairs of state and were obviously the desperate acts of a man caught cheating. Obama’s prevarication was about the very essence of his political views. Widely desirous of electing its first black president — I felt this myself but did not act upon it — the nation gulped and swallowed the lie, but, consciously or unconsciously, it did not forget.

Now we are where we are. We have a president that no one wants to listen to because we do not fully believe him. His own party is deserting him not just because they know his ideas are unpopular. They also know he is unable to convince anyone. We have shut him off.

And now the revelations of J. Christian Adams have shown that his Department of Justice has a racial bias not entirely dissimilar to those of Reverend Wright. Again the MSM is doing its best to ignore this, but the damage is still there and growing and Obama will not be able, this time, to make a speech in his defense.

It’s over. For all the excitement of his election, having lied his way into office, Barack Obama was essentially DOA his first night at the White House.

NRO: Krauthammer’s Take:

On the under-reported story of the week:

In Aspen this week, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates said that he not only supports but almost invites … a U.S. attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities because, he says, it is impossible to imagine living in deterrence or containment on Iran. Even without nukes it’s still aggressive and cannot be contained.

J. Christin Adams: The Ike Brown Case: Is the DOJ About to Fail Another Race-Based Test?

This story hails from rural east Mississippi: majority black Noxubee County is home to Ike Brown, one of the most lawless purveyors of racial discrimination the nation has seen in decades. (I have written in greater detail about the racially motivated lawlessness Brown used to victimize minority white voters in the county.) Brown canceled ballots cast by white voters. He stuffed the ballot box with illegal ballots supporting his preferred black candidates. He deployed teams of notaries to roam the countryside and mark absentee ballots instead of voters. He allowed forced assistance in the voting booth, to the detriment of white voters. He threatened 174 white voters by declaring that if they tried to participate in an election, he might challenge them and not let them vote. He publicized the 174 names.

Brown ran the primary elections because he is the Democratic Party chairman. At the trial, a woman on Brown’s list testified that she was too afraid to vote because she thought she might be arrested.

The federal court found that the publication of the list of 174 names was an illegal form of intentional racial discrimination. The United States district court held:

The question is whether Brown’s action with respect to this list of 174 voters was actuated by these party loyalty concerns or whether this was pretext for a true purpose to discourage white voters from coming to the polls, or some combination of the two. The court has carefully weighed the evidence and finds that while party concerns were a factor in Brown’s actions, race played a role as well. … In sum, the court is of the opinion that Brown had the names of these white voters published in part because of party loyalty concerns, but also as an attempt to discourage white voters from voting in the 2003 Democratic primary.

Brown’s overall behavior was so outrageous that the court stripped him of all authority to run elections until 2012, and gave the power to a former justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court as a special administrator. The remedy was unprecedented, but upheld on appeal because of the brazen lawlessness of Ike Brown.

Fast forward to 2010, to the Eric Holder Justice Department.

Fox News: Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota, Study Find

May have?