Town Hall Erupts When CA Congressman Brad Sherman Admits He’s “Simply Not Aware of that (New Black Panther) Case”

This is why most Democrats are eschewing Town Halls, this summer…the anger and disgust with their malfeasance has reached a boiling point, and they know it.

Listen to this hapless Congressman’s reaction after listening to one of his constituents describe the dismissal of the  New Black Panther Case by Obama’s DOJ, and question the new DOJ policy not to pursue civil cases in which the perpetrator(s) are black and the victim(s) white…and listen his constituents react when they hear him admit his ignorance:


Erick Erickson at Redstate thinks: King Samir Shabazz Should Be 2010’s Willie Horton

Oh, yes. I agree. The  guy has 0 redeeming qualities.

And let the hollow cries of racism commence. That ploy isn’t wearing thin with the American public, at all.

Greatest 10 minutes in TV History?

JackM at AoSHQ: Megyn Kelly-Kirsten Powers Cat Fight! UPDATE: Video Added

…It’s a cage-match between a Tigress and a PUMA about Panthers. The tigress wins.

Kirsten Powers exposed as the shill she is. Delicious.

Hat tip: Backyard Conservative at Potluck Bloggers.


15 thoughts on “Town Hall Erupts When CA Congressman Brad Sherman Admits He’s “Simply Not Aware of that (New Black Panther) Case”

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  2. Sherman went on to say……

    No, I don’t know anything about a 14 trillion deficit. No, I don’t know anything about tax hikes due to a massive healthcare bill….No, I don’t know anything about my President playing golf while the gulf states face the worst oil disaster ever….No, I don’t know what’s going on in congress and frankly I don’t know anything….You people need to shut your damn pie holes and pay your taxes….I’m not answering any more of your dumb questions.


  3. Yeah, really – “I’m sure that’s wrong…Don’t believe everything you see on the internets, yuck yuck! No I haven’t heard of that”.


  4. Just goes to show how out of touch these Socialist Progressive Democrats are. It’s also another reason to avoid townhalls…the people will hold you accountable when you act like a no-nothing politician.


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