What Not To Wear To An Oil Spill Speech

Holy Mackerel…would you look at this:

We all know the First Lady has a strange sense of propriety when it comes to clothes, but what the heck  is this? —In your face “oil spill chic?” Is she making light of the disaster?

What would she have worn after Katrina? —A water splattered shirt?

9/11 — Ashes and blood?

Election night —a hellish, blood splattered dress?



A couple of photoshop submissions: (from hubby):

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers



14 thoughts on “What Not To Wear To An Oil Spill Speech

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  2. Heard about this dress on the radio today. Thanks for posting this so that I could see it. Who would purposely do such an insulting thing?

    Michelle is REALLY WEIRD. Either that or she really hates America, Americans, and is not-so-subtley mocking the misery that the Gulf residents are going through due to the oil gusher.



  3. Christinewjc: Don’t you think it’s all of the above? Those narcissists don’t have the class of a pair of horned tomato worms!
    What a dumb@$$ – 2 (extra long) thumbs up to a tar soaked beach! Sheesh
    Can’t tell if the thumbs are actually opposable, either.


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  6. I still like her outfit that she wore to the Medal of Honor (posthumous) ceremony the best.

    I really miss Laura Bush.


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