New Miss CA Under Fire For “Controversial” Immigration Views

Miss CA, Arianna Afsar

California libs have barely gotten over last year’s controversy, featuring anti-gay marriage  Miss CA, Carrie Prejean, and now they are in full swoon again.

Dave Gibson of  The Examiner explains the latest vapor- inducing outrageous outrage to come out of the lips of a beauty queen:

During a webcam interview with NBCLA, Arianna Afsar, the UCLA sophomore, and recently crowned Miss California came out strongly against amnesty for illegal aliens, saying: “I think that people who want to be a United States citizen need to come over here legally in order to get the privileges that every American receives.”

Afsar’s father is an immigrant, from Bangladesh. He also helped three family members come here. All arrived through legal means.

Afsar told the reporter: “It ended up taking him 10 years, but he did it legally. I don’t think that if you are close to the border that you have the right to be given the rights of a United States citizen.”

Let the feeding frenzy begin!

“Well, first of all, she won’t win Miss America because she just signed her death sentence…she’s alienated maybe 50% of the country!” crows Leo Terrell, an attorney, and talk show host:

Leo is an awesome debater…there’s no way that 65-70% of  Americans are against amnesty because the federal government just filed a lawsuit against the state of AZ …so there! (The latest numbers: 56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Law; 61% Favor Similar Law In Their State).

The unfortunate lesson to be learned here for beauty pageant contestants? Just stand there and look pretty, girls. Do not by any means express any educated, and/or well thought out, heartfelt opinions that might conflict with an elite’s worldview. No black or white answers for God’s sake! Or the Leo’s of the world run to their fainting couches.

Give only bland, silly, vapid non answers. The dumber the better. Spout the latest nonsense you heard in the pop culture about carbon footprints, or some such idiocy. That makes them happy!

Hat tip: Infidel Joe.


Video: George Will Calls NAACP Resolution ‘Left-wing McCarthyism’

I think George Will exchanged his bow-tie for a can of whoop-a$$, and he opened it up on Clarance Page this morning on This Week:


A couple of minor criticisms:

Besides the 4 news videos, he might have also mentioned the umpteen amateur videos that are also up on YouTube showing no racial incidents,  and this was cute –  Andrew Breitbart, (the guy offering the $100,000 reward for proof) isn’t a “talk show host”, he’s an internet news mogul, although he is a frequent guest on talk shows.

Speaking of Breitbart….

You know, once upon a time, not too long ago, guys like George Will might have felt cowed into agreeing with the  “racist tea party” narrative. But thanks to some fierce counter-moonbattery in the right wing blogosphere, led by Andrew Breitbart, the counter narrative (i.e: truth) has taken hold.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


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