Journolist, The Movie


Video via Hot Air Headlines

These guys aren’t coming off that well, at all...Ezra Klein cries foul, they’re being taken out of context! Gabriel Malor wonders why he doesn’t just release the emails in their entirety…to show their context.

So, where is it, Ezra? You lament that the Daily Caller has jumped to 200,000 daily page views because of its Journolist reporting. You complain that the pieces lack context. And you’re sitting on the context the whole time. You could give a blow to Tucker (who probably had to give something of value to get access to the Journolist archives), put an end the Daily Caller’s new traffic bump, and put the emails in their proper “context” — if only you were brave enough to release the Journolist archives.

That doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon…


The Volokh Conspiracy: Obama Campaign Adviser Participated on JournoList


5 thoughts on “Journolist, The Movie

  1. Journolist names being released gradually.
    Ezra and Joe Klein, Jonathan Altar, Jeffrey Toobin, Noam Scheiber, Alyssa Rosenberg,Walter Shapiro,Tim Fernholz
    Jonathan Cohn, Josh Bearman,Jonathan Zasloff, David Greenberg, Jared Bernstein and others,

    Sounds more like the Graduating Class of 1966 from Yeshiva of Leningrad.


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