The One Lefty Too Scummy For Even The Journolisters

Remember, these are guys who call their political adversaries “rat f*ckers”, plot to smear them with racism charges,  harbor fantasies about Rush dying of a heart attack, pushing Fox News off the air, and a pushing people through plate glass windows….Who could be so repulsive, even the Journolisters reject him?

Journolisters offended by Keith Olbermann’s ‘misogynistic,’ ‘predictable,’ and ‘pompous’ show

This latest Daily Caller document drop has Journolisters carping about what a “completely predictable”, “unfunny”, “arrogant”, “misogynistic” creep Olbermann is.

At issue was a segment Olbermann had run about Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who stirred debate in 2009 when she defended traditional marriage.

Following the segment, the subject on Journolist was “I hate Keith Olbermann again,” and the members of the list let it rip.

The Nation’s Katha Pollitt began the group’s rant. “He and Michael Musto did this whole long riff about beauty contestant Carrie “opposite marriage” Prejean’s breast implants, stupidity, breast implants, tacky clothes, earrings, breast implants. They went on and on about how she was “part plastic” and pathetic.  You’d think they were celibate vegans who spent their lives zen meditating.  It was just a whole TV humiliation of her, and it made me feel sorry for her, which wasn’t easy,” Pollitt said.

Michael O’Hare, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said the segment was “about as funny as a rubber crutch. Odd when a reasonable person’s internal alarm doesn’t go off in a situation like that …’I’m going to ridicule a girl who’s obviously at her personal limits just trying to look conventionally pretty on national TV? What does that make me’?”

O’Hare even suggested friends stage an intervention for Olbermann. “If anyone on the list is a friend of Olbermann, friendship demands that you give him a head-up about this lapse,” he said.

Julian Zelizer, a Princeton professor and CNN contributor, said Olbermann’s root problem is his misogyny. “I can’t take him anytime. I think to write off his mysogyny as limited to Musto is just not accurate. That very much defined much of how he talked about Clinton as well as others.”

Surprisingly, even Spencer (Plate Glass) Ackermann is not a fan:
The Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman said a brutal parody of Olbermann reflected his true nature. “I hate both Ben Affleck and Saturday NightLive, but this should end all debate about the merits of Olbermann,” he said, linking to the parody.

Blogger Lindsay Beyerstein said, “We can certainly afford to smack down Keith Olbermann when he spouts misogynist garbage,”

Read the whole thing.


With all those accusations of misogyny being thrown around, it’s surprising no one mentioned his pathological obsession with Sarah Palin, or his infamous and egregious display of misogynistic invective hurled at Michelle Malkin.
Strange, that.


7 thoughts on “The One Lefty Too Scummy For Even The Journolisters

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  3. NICE DEB: I will say it once again: if we want our nation back we must boycott the businesses that support the Left Media. The way our country was stolen in the first place was through intimidation of businesses through boycotting by the Left. It has been shown that Jesse Jackson used them as his personal piggybank whenever he felt like squeezing them to payoff his mistresses/blackmailers. WE MUST BOYCOTT THE LEFT!


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