Speaking of Racial Demagoguery…

There are a lot of contenders in the age of Obama for the title of most race-baiting pundit,  but nobody does it better than the deplorableed Keith Olbermann!

Trust me, I don’t follow Keefers on Twitter, but Jim Treacher over at The Caller linked to it, so I gave his latest tweets a gander. Check this one out:

@m4zdaman ah yes, the Klan. Formed by those who refused to accept the government or blacks in power. In other words, The Tea Party about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific

A master of subtlety, isn’t he?

Someone please remind Keith that the KKK was/is a Democrat outfit, and in fact was once such a major force in the Democratic party, the 1924 Democrat National Convention was known as “the Klanbake”.

In fact…

In the fifties and sixties, members of the KKK who fought the civil rights movement were uniformly Democrats. Infamous police commissioner Bull Connor not only attacked protesters with fire hoses, dogs and clubs, but served as both a KKK member and a committeeman for the Democrat Party.

Perhaps someone could remind Keefus that the Dems just buried a Grand Kleagle and some chose to eulogize him by making excuses for his membership to the clan?

The Tea Party has no history with the KKK, and nothing in common with it, but that doesn’t stop the deplored Keith Olbermnn from smearing us, does it?

Keith would do well to read Doug Ross’ history of the KKK and the Democratic party, but why let a little truth get in the way of a great narrative.


1st runner up, or tie? I can’t decide…



7 thoughts on “Speaking of Racial Demagoguery…

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