Video: Ann Coulter Tells Joy Behar What She Should Ask Obama On The View, Thursday

Behar had Donna Brazille on to help her with questions, too, but as always, Coulter stole the show.

Ann never disappoints:

See also:

Julie Mason at The Washington Examiner: Cringe-worthy? Obama does “The View”

Yes, it’s cringeworthy, and yes, it’s unpresidential, but as Coulter says, (and she’s always right) Obama does well in these sorts of informal settings, so it was probably a shrewd move on his part to go on.


A trending topic on Twitter: #PredictedToughViewQuestions

A few submissions:


Can I be at your next Beer Summit?


Do those racist, sexist, homophobic, animal killing tea partiers get you wee-weed up?


Where did you learn to throw a baseball? (can’t blame *that* on Bush now can ya?)


U’ve faced criticism on spending, oil spill, the war. Tell me, why is thr still so much racism?


So are you a full god or just a demi-god?


“Will you shave my back?” (Joy Behar)


iOWNTHEWORLD Photoshop alert


13 thoughts on “Video: Ann Coulter Tells Joy Behar What She Should Ask Obama On The View, Thursday

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