Congressman Brady Introduces “Your New Health Care System” Chart

Last year, TX Congressman, Kevin Brady’s Health Care Bill Chart was a  viral sensation. Today,  he  unveiled a special visual project highlighting how out of control the expansion of the federal government has become:

A little sunshine goes a long way”.

Kathryn Jean Lopez asks; Do You Trust Your Government to Be Competent to Run This?

PDF here, for a closer look.

Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady says in a release that committee analysts actually couldn’t fit everything in: “This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.”

In a conference call with conservative bloggers, today, Brady made note of the high potential for rationed care, and the 13 different sections in the law that disallow challenges to health care decisions.

He says there will be an explosion of bureaucratic government jobs, and  IRS lawyers, while private sector jobs dwindle because the new taxes will cost thousands of jobs, making us uncompetitive with other countries.

Brady also assured us that Republican congressmen are dedicated to repealing the bill and replacing it with common sense reforms.

Look for this chart to make appearances at town halls all across the country, this August.

Plans are in the works for a similar chart on the Financial Reform Bill.

Congressman Brady is the Senior House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee and a ranking subcommittee Member for Ways and Means. You can visit his web site here.

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8 thoughts on “Congressman Brady Introduces “Your New Health Care System” Chart

  1. I’m skeptical that we can afford the health package just passed. Can anyone tell me what “common sense reform” is going to be other than a slogan though?

    Will it just be the status quo and crossed fingers that we can keep that system going indefinitely? While not so much through taxes, the cost of the current system is rapidly increasing in premium and costs to employers.

    By the way the current system with its mix of government care (the VA), a Canada like system (medicare), and private insurance could be put into a complicated flow chart as well.


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