Video: Andrew Breitbart Addresses Uni-Tea Rally In Philly

Andrew Breitbart spoke before a crowd of approximately 300 Tea Partiers rallying on Independence Mall Saturday afternoon.

The AP reported:

At the rally attended by about 300 people, mostly black and Hispanic as well as some white speakers sounded the groups’ themes of limited government and spending restraint — as well as mistrust of mainstream news organizations. Breitbart told the crowd to hold up their cameras to demonstrate that members were watching news organizations “because we don’t trust you.”

Breitbart said he thought the national principle E Pluribus Unum (Out of the Many One) had been lost in the last generation.

“We have to be one,” he said. “We can be many, we can be the sum of our parts, but we cannot abide by this dividing people into every different race and every different sexual orientation and poke and prod these people … every electoral cycle in order to get them to vote for the Democratic party. It’s cynical politics.”

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Videos via The Founding Bloggers.

Apparently, TPM is suggesting that this is a “reparations stunt.” BigFurHat at iOWNTHEWORLD went wading through some nasty bull in TPM’s comment section, and brought back some choice quotes from lily-white liberals who think conservative blacks are self-loathing  race-traitors.  It seems lefties are seething with anger that some minorities would deign to leave the Dem-Socialist reservation.

But we’re the racist ones.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Andrew Breitbart Addresses Uni-Tea Rally In Philly

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  3. WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE OUR WARRIOR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!! you and President(loooove the sound of that) Palin deserve and have all our prayers and support for this battle. We have your backs all the way and forever! The country knows who they can trust and for some reason it’s not the democrats. We gave them our trust and they spit on us. We will remember that forever. Don’t get me wrong, as time goes by we are seeing just which republicans are ratbastards too. We are a nation of good, all of us together will fight and fight some more, we will never ever back down. Gov Palin has been vetted inside and out, thank you Urkel! Palin/West 2012


  4. Hold on, you mean there were actually African Americans and Hispanics at this event? Someone better inform Mad King Charles about this, he’s circulating the lie that it was a white as a lilly event.


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