ORLY?: Obama to GOP: ‘You can’t have the keys back!’

Um….does Obama think he gets to make that decision? It sure sounds like it:

After his speech on Iraq Monday, President Obama attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the same Atlanta hotel. Obama delivered a revved-up version of the stump speech that he has given in recent weeks — and that you will no doubt be hearing throughout the fall. The president said the Republican Party lack one “single, solitary new idea” and are “betting on amnesia” to help them in November. During a bit that drew hearty laughs from the Democratic audience, he likened the GOP to a driver who has gone into a ditch, and after not helping to push the car out, demands the keys back.

“You can’t have the keys back,” Obama exclaimed. “You don’t know how to drive!”

Video at the Washington Post.

I’m sorry……? Did I just hear the President of the United States suggest that he’s not going to allow the opposition to regain power even if the American people vote them back in? And  the Dem Socialists got a big “hearty laugh” out of that? I’ll be laughing my head off in the months to come as they distance themselves from Obama in hopes that people will forget that they supported his ruinous agenda every step of the way.

Amnesia? Bamboozle? That has been the Dem m/o for the past 40 years. They want us to forget the corrupt and dirty way they crammed Obamacare down our throats. They want us to forget about all the lies, the broken promises, the radical czars….They want to bamboozle voters into thinking that Republicans don’t want to help  9/11 first responders who have become ill, even though they have held the reins of power since 2006, and played a sick game of politics with the bill, which guaranteed its defeat. They want to bamboozle voters into thinking Republicans are all racists. These people are sick.

Did I really hear him say that we’re “about out of the ditch”?

What planet is he living on? Economic indicators are pointing to a possible double dip recession thanks to him and the Dem Socialists. Money Morning reports:

The Economic Cycle Research Institute – referred to as the “ECRI” by anyone in the know on Wall Street – has correctly called every U.S. recession during the last 45 years.

To work its magic, theECRI charts the weekly changes in an index of Leading Economic Indicators (WLI). Market professionals like myself very quietly use the same group of indicators to call market tops and bottoms. The indicators are so accurate in terms of what they have to say about the future that I refer to ECRI and the WLI as “The Prophet.”

Given the Prophet’s 100% hit rate over the last half century, investors should definitely take heed of the warning signals that this economic seer of seers is making right now.

This “recovery” looks more like a weird sort of depression.

Regardless of what Sheriff Joe says,  Obama has been the worst jobs President since the great depression.

And his own Treasury Secretary says: Unemployment To Increase Before It Comes Down.
Meanwhile small Businesses are showing Record Pessimism in Future Expectations.
I certainly hope Republicans have learned from their past mistakes…Democrat lite is not the way to go. If we’re going to dig ourselves out of this hole, we’ll need strong conservative leadership.

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Video: Pamela Geller Defends The SIOA Bus Ads

Amazingly enough, she spent more time debating the RTTV  moderator, than the moderate Muslim spokesperson, who stated that this is a great country, and Pamela has the right to her free speech:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I could tell Pamela was going to have trouble with the moderator from the get-go. Did you notice how her demeanor changed as she went from reading about the wonderful, peaceful Muslim bus ads to the mean ol’ SIOA ads?

The woman was low on facts (what’s a fatwa? hello???), but high on mushy headed approved liberal opinion. And her opinion wasn’t based on anything concrete or factual…Pamela clearly explained the fatwa, she cited case after case of the threats and violence Muslim “apostates”  face, but the only danger this woman could fanthom was the violation of her comfy, politically correct worldview, and that of the perpetually aggrieved. How is Pamela promoting stereotypes that are inaccurate? She’s been trying to expose  the gruesome practice of honor killings for years. All of those victims would be happy to know that they’re  just “inaccurate stereotypes”…if only they were still living and breathing, and able to hear what the lady who doesn’t even know the meaning of fatwa, has to say.

This little episode made me think of something Ace had written earlier this week…(he can be so insightful). He was discussing  how the leftists think, and how they base their opinions on symbolism, rather than facts, using the border fence as an example:

I always enjoy how twits speak of the symbolism of a thing.

That’s why the “Political Class” — the Gee Aren’t I Terribly Enlightened? crowd — opposes this. They talk about that a lot — the symbolism of the thing.

How about discussing the reality of it? It’s a fence. Its real purpose — in real-world, real-time reality — is to halt people from crossing a border. A real border, mind you, although on that point I concede a border is a more abstract concept than, say, a shoe.

It doesn’t symbolically represent a division between the countries. It actually is a division between the countries.

And what is wrong with that?

I’m noting this because a few weeks ago I saw a guy at the riots in Toronto who complained that the police barricades were a symbol representing a division between the protesters and the G-20 representatives.

And I thought, “Gee, no, actually it’s not a symbol of a division; it really is, in fact, a physical division.” Because, see, you’re rioting. (And not symbolically in riot, either.) You can tell it’s a real-world division because now you can’t get to the G-20 conference center and throw rock-metaphors through the window-symbols.

I think there is a type of person — well-represented in the “Political Class” and in progressive politics — that has learned, from college, that the Abstract is everything, that Real Smart People are always focused on the Abstract, on metaphors, on symbols.

And they seem to disregard the concrete, the real, almost as a dirty thing, something of concern to the plebians, who cannot of course grasp the subtleties of high representational thinking like they can. You know, with their “symbolic” barricades and all.


It’s just an observation of a type of intellectually-insecure individual who parrots the pattern of thinking of his professors (who once represented intellectual authority to them — Symbolically, of course) and elevates, always, the Abstract above the Real.

I just tend to distrust this sort of divorced-from-tangible-reality worship of the abstract. Obviously — duh — abstract thinking is important. It is, in certain ways, I suppose, a higher form of thinking than thinking of the concrete.

But not when it is shorn of all rootings to the actual world.

This is how evil happens. You can abstract any evil you choose into some esoteric “greater good.”

This is how evil is ignored, too:

“inaccurate stereotype”?


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