ORLY?: Obama to GOP: ‘You can’t have the keys back!’

Um….does Obama think he gets to make that decision? It sure sounds like it:

After his speech on Iraq Monday, President Obama attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the same Atlanta hotel. Obama delivered a revved-up version of the stump speech that he has given in recent weeks — and that you will no doubt be hearing throughout the fall. The president said the Republican Party lack one “single, solitary new idea” and are “betting on amnesia” to help them in November. During a bit that drew hearty laughs from the Democratic audience, he likened the GOP to a driver who has gone into a ditch, and after not helping to push the car out, demands the keys back.

“You can’t have the keys back,” Obama exclaimed. “You don’t know how to drive!”

Video at the Washington Post.

I’m sorry……? Did I just hear the President of the United States suggest that he’s not going to allow the opposition to regain power even if the American people vote them back in? And  the Dem Socialists got a big “hearty laugh” out of that? I’ll be laughing my head off in the months to come as they distance themselves from Obama in hopes that people will forget that they supported his ruinous agenda every step of the way.

Amnesia? Bamboozle? That has been the Dem m/o for the past 40 years. They want us to forget the corrupt and dirty way they crammed Obamacare down our throats. They want us to forget about all the lies, the broken promises, the radical czars….They want to bamboozle voters into thinking that Republicans don’t want to help  9/11 first responders who have become ill, even though they have held the reins of power since 2006, and played a sick game of politics with the bill, which guaranteed its defeat. They want to bamboozle voters into thinking Republicans are all racists. These people are sick.

Did I really hear him say that we’re “about out of the ditch”?

What planet is he living on? Economic indicators are pointing to a possible double dip recession thanks to him and the Dem Socialists. Money Morning reports:

The Economic Cycle Research Institute – referred to as the “ECRI” by anyone in the know on Wall Street – has correctly called every U.S. recession during the last 45 years.

To work its magic, theECRI charts the weekly changes in an index of Leading Economic Indicators (WLI). Market professionals like myself very quietly use the same group of indicators to call market tops and bottoms. The indicators are so accurate in terms of what they have to say about the future that I refer to ECRI and the WLI as “The Prophet.”

Given the Prophet’s 100% hit rate over the last half century, investors should definitely take heed of the warning signals that this economic seer of seers is making right now.

This “recovery” looks more like a weird sort of depression.

Regardless of what Sheriff Joe says,  Obama has been the worst jobs President since the great depression.

And his own Treasury Secretary says: Unemployment To Increase Before It Comes Down.
Meanwhile small Businesses are showing Record Pessimism in Future Expectations.
I certainly hope Republicans have learned from their past mistakes…Democrat lite is not the way to go. If we’re going to dig ourselves out of this hole, we’ll need strong conservative leadership.

Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines


4 thoughts on “ORLY?: Obama to GOP: ‘You can’t have the keys back!’

  1. Soft tyranny becomes hard tyranny. This president is serious. He has plans, big plans that include major changes. One change is no more Republicans, no more elections. President for life.


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  3. What planet is he living on?

    The planet of a charmed life!

    Doubt the guy has ever had to break a sweat, work a REAL job, say “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” to anyone to earn a living, receive an annual appraisal, or be measured and paid by whether the company was successful at making its numbers or balancing its budget.

    Elitism & Tribal thuggery seem to be all he knows.

    His election has more to say about the color-blindness and lack of racism in the American people (willing to give him a chance), than about him and his credentials.


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