Katie Couric Caught Ridiculing Sarah Palin On Day Her Nomination Was Announced

This video highlights is the fact that Couric had elitist contempt for Sarah Palin and her lifestyle right from day one. Palin never had a chance.

Highlights, via Newsbusters include the following:

  • Couric mocking Palin’s oldest son’s name:  “Her oldest son, 19-year-old Track-Where the hell do they get these [names]?” [laughter] (1:09)
  • “She hunts, fishes and eats moose burgers. Her parents, Sally and Chuck Heath, were out hunting caribou when they got the news. You can’t make this up – OK hold on a second. [laughter]” (1:43)
  • “I’m saying I’m glad you took out the feminine side because you can be feminine and play basketball, right Jerry?” (1:59)
  • Struggles with the pronunciation of the name of the town Wasilla. (4:05)


There’s nothing surprising, here…this clip simply confirms what we already knew.  Everything we love about Palin, her Christian faith, large family, athleticism, and love of the outdoors, was/is held in disdain by elite libs like Couric.

CBS couldn’t find someone who wasn’t openly hostile to Palin to do that momentous interview? I remember studying the interviews that Couric (and ABC’s Charles  Gibson) did with Obama, and comparing them to the ones they did with Palin. Obama  was afforded the utmost respect while Palin had to endure barely concealed contempt.

The double standard has always been there for conservatives….but it was particularly egregious for the attractive, and outdoorsy Palin.

I suppose the fact that, two years later, Ariana Huffington is advising the media to “take Palin seriously” is progress.

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8 thoughts on “Katie Couric Caught Ridiculing Sarah Palin On Day Her Nomination Was Announced

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  4. Never before noticed how crooked Couric’s mouth is.

    Glad I don’t waste my time watching her on network news.

    Wow. She IS ugly. Inside and out.


  5. How would the lefty turds feel if a Fox News Reporter was seen making fun of Obama’s name, his family…etc. Oh the outrage. The reporter would be fired in an instance.


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