Missouri Proposition C – The Health Care Freedom Act – Wins BIG

Missouri Proposition C gave voters the opportunity to approve a bill that would, “deny the government authority to penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services.”

The final vote tally via Kansas City’s KMBZ:

Yes: 622,546 71% of the vote

No: 250,190 29% of the vote.

This referendum is remarkable for two reasons: (1) it gives voters a direct opportunity to affect the health care debate and (2) it is the first such vote in the nation, driving the debate for the next three months until the general election.

The committee urging a vote to protect our health care rights is called Missourians for Health Care Freedom, and our webpage is www.mohealthfreedom.org.  While only Missourians can vote on this matter on August 3, this is in every way a national battle—and it is the next battle in the fight for individual rights.  Whether you are in California, Florida, or some place in between, please consider riding to the sound of the guns and supporting us in our fight.  A victory in the Show-Me State will show Washington that Americans value our liberty and will not easily surrender it.

As I predicted, Missourians voted to approve the Health Care Freedom Act in overwhelming numbers, sending a strong, and unmistakable message to Washington.


MO Sec of State: Proposition C Yes / No Votes by County

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Missouri Passes Health Care Freedom Act

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