Ten Buck Friday Winner: Congratulations Dr. Donna Campbell!

Right Klik reports:
Donna Campbell got off to a strong start in this week’s TBF poll and she never looked back! She worked hard for your vote and finished comfortably in first place.
As an ER doctor from Austin Texas with four adopted daughters, Dr. Campbell is no stranger to hard work. By all accounts, Campbell is a dynamo. And boundless energy is exactly what she needs to beat her much-reviled but well-funded opponent, Lloyd Doggett (TX-25).
You can read up on Campbell at Right Klik’s.
Ten Buck Fridays is shining a bright light into every corner of the country this year. Our goal is to help deserving conservatives across the nation as they fight to take the government back from the left-wing extremists who have defied the will of the people and have dragged our country to the precipice.
There’s no place for Pelosi’s liberal sock puppets to hide, not even in deep blue Austin, Texas.
Courageous conservatives like Donna Campbell need financial help. But if we all sit around waiting for someone else to provide that help, November will bring some serious disappointments.
Please give generously to this week’s TBF winner, Donna Campbell, M.D. I’ve sent my donation, now it’s your turn!
Campbell’s online donation form has a great place to identify your donation as a Ten Buck Fridays contribution:

The Media vs Black Conservatives

Just  watch these guys stand their ground in the face of a hostile media. Political correctness allows/encourages  hatred and derision of only one minority:   black conservatives. How dare they think and read and study history, and love their country. How dare they leave the Dem plantation:

Video via Big Journalism.

Cassandra calls it the Video of the Day.

Sissy Willis was not impressed, and not amused with this B.S. she encountered in Dave Weigel’s comment section at Slate:

Dave Weigel commenter: “Black Conservatives are political eunuchs”

“In short, Black Conservatives are political eunuchs,” writes a clueless and condescending James Lee in the comments of Dave Weigel’s report on yesterday’s Tea Party Express National Press Club event featuring a stellar line-up of authentic black Tea Party voices. These “articulate and bright and clean” fellow Americans had come together to speak out against the specious accusations of racism being hurled at us of late by the NAACP and other members of the racial-grievance community. But James Lee in the comments saw right through their act:

Black Conservatives have no significant constituency that they represent. They are called upon to provide cover for White Conservatives who enjoy attacking African Americans and other minorities.

That is their only function. Most African Americans don’t know who these Black Conservatives are and what they represent.

They have no influence in the Conservative movement either — except to be trotted out to rebutt charges of racism. Otherwise what unique perspective or what added value do they represent?

Read the rest at sisu.

And there you have a perfect example of how left treats black conservatives; they plug their ears, shout over them, and insult them.

At YouTube we have:

I am confused………when its a democrat black politician there’s always a lot of racist remarks…..but here all the conservatives are saying “stand strong people”…….really?….WOW this just proves most conservatives are ignorant and hypocrites…..so why is no one asking for there birth certificates?….It’s sad on how many stupid people are actually going to vote for all of these idiots……:(….I see a dark future if the right wins….:(….the rich richer and the poor poorer…

Conveniently situated below:

Damn. The guy on the right looks like a pimp.

Thank you spicychickenwing for demonstrating who the real racists and hypocrites are.