Obama Still Using Campaign Logo At Speaking Events

Matt Lewis captured the following screen shot from Dallas TV station WFAA:

While nobody is accusing Obama of crossing legal lines, the Republican Party of Texas is questioning the decision to include campaign logos at an official presidential policy speech.

“It’s one thing for the President to carry his campaign logo forward into the transition to the presidency,” says Texas GOP spokesman Bryan Preston, “but quite another for him to carry it to official functions and policy events 18 months after he has been in office.”

“The appearance of this logo on signage for an official presidential event – not a fundraiser, but a presidential policy speech – shows just how confused this entire administration is about what’s appropriate and what is not. What next, are they planning to paint the Obama campaign logo on Air Force One?”

Do you think maybe he’s trying to revive the old magic?

Judging from the apron full of Obama pins this woman wore to Obama’s speech in Austin, Obama worship is still alive and well.


On a related note, here’s an excellent piece by Slublog at AoSHQ about Obama’s endless campaign of partisan attacks:

As much as he’s tried to create one, Obama has no Gingrich. The GOP leadership may irritate us at times, but they do manage to come across mostly as affable, well-meaning public servants to the average voter. One of Obama’s most visible GOP opponents is Rep. Paul Ryan, whose soft-spoken voice of fiscal sanity is a marked contrast to Obama’s partisan bomb-throwing.

In addition, Obama doesn’t have Clinton’s ability to charm a crowd. Or if he does, he doesn’t communicate it well. He’s a Frankenstein monster made up of the preachy sanctimoniousness of Al Gore, the elite snobbery of John Kerry and the ultra-partisanship of Nancy Pelosi. A perfect storm of economic chaos, media cheerleading and an awful GOP presidential candidate made Obama’s election possible. That storm has passed, and in its wake, the true nature of our president is starting to become evident.

Not to get too psychoanalyz-ey, but for all of the “no drama Obama” hype we heard during the campaign, it’s pretty clear to me that the president isn’t comfortable in his own skin, because who he pretends to be and who he really is are not the same person. What he presented during the 2008 campaign was all construct and he’s constantly engaged in an internal struggle. On the one hand, he wants to recapture the spirit of 2008 and live up to that construct, but on the other, he wants to be himself. In the past year and a half, the American people have caught glimpses of who he really is and it’s not pretty.

Obama has at times revealed himself to be petty, whiny and generally unlikeable. I think a lot of those who voted for him have seen the mask slip, which is why he is not likely to get those voters back. People can forgive bad policy decisions, but they’re less likely to forgive betrayal. In some ways, Obama is unlike any president in the modern era. Americans expect candidates to fib on the campaign trail, but few are revealed to be completely fictional creations.

Read it in full.

Yes. “No Drama Obama” was a complete fabrication. What we have in Obama is a hyper-partisan far left-wing ideologue who isn’t above using lies, deceit,  and thug tactics to get what he wants. What we have been witnessing for a year and a half is not only unPresidential, it’s a soft form of tyranny.


3 thoughts on “Obama Still Using Campaign Logo At Speaking Events

  1. Duh-1 came into office by blaming Bush for everything, He got elected complaining about the previous administration. That’s pretty easy, matter of fact it’s the easiest of all ways to do it. The hard part is actually DOING something. Since he’s been in Office he’s done a LOT, none good. Everything he’s touched has been a political nightmare, and the ramifications of his “Policies” are going to be felt for years in a negative way.

    18 months and the best he’s got is “Bush did worse”

    Fact is GWB only gets credit till 2006, after that it’s all Democrats in the lead in both houses. Any policy or budget is squarely on the shoulders of the Demonrats…with a little help from Bush.


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