Video: AFL-CIO Boss Says We Don’t Have Any Deficit Problem

This just goes to show you the delusional state of mind libs are in these days. They think you are stupid enough to buy this b.s:

Even the premise of the CSPAN host’s question was delusional. “Does the Obama administration deserve some of the blame for not doing a better job defining the debate”? Seriously, lady?

The “bully in the bully pulpit” has been out there every week since he was elected “making his case”, and “defining the debate”. I’m not sure there is any way he could get out there more, since he is so annoyingly overexposed as it is. The problem for the administration is that fewer and fewer people are buying the lies. They can see for themselves that the economy is not recovering in spite of all the ruinous deficit spending, and they want it to stop.

AFL-CIO Prez,  Richard Trumka thinks we don’t have a deficit problem? Every economist in the country knows that? Every. single. one? 100% consensus on that?

Friggin’ A, dude.

The CBO says we’re heading for a “Greek-style” debt crisis in the not too distant future if we don’t rein in the spending.

Obama’s own exiting Budget Director, Peter Ortzag, on his way out the door, pressed Congress to make “tough budget choices” to deal with the country’s debt problem.

We are approaching 100% of federal debt to GDP……

That’s a problem.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit: AFL-CIO Prez Says We Don’t Have Any Deficit Problem??

Check out the latest debt graph.


Gateway Pundit: Michele Bachmann: Pelosi’s Union Bailout Allows Public Employee Unions to Run Ads Against GOP On Taxpayers’ Dime (Video)

The WSJ: Stimulus Pushers:

… taxpayers are figuring out that these state bailouts are only making unions more reluctant to share their sacrifice. While Mr. Obama quotes the union figure of 160,000 potential lost teacher jobs, those don’t have to come out of the classroom. According to research by Eric Hanushek of Stanford University, student enrollment grew by 22% from 1990 to 2007, but teacher employment grew by 41%. Since 2000, enrollment has grown by 5% but teacher employment by 10%.

The unions themselves could have prevented some layoffs had they been willing to adjust their rich benefits. In Milwaukee, for example, nearly all of the 500 teacher layoffs announced earlier this year could have been avoided if the unions had agreed to change health plans that cost $23,000 per teacher per year for family coverage. They could have accepted a still-rich $17,000 plan. The unions chose the layoffs, betting (correctly) that Democrats in Washington would come to their rescue.

Keep in mind that this teacher bailout also amounts to a huge contribution by Democrats to their own election campaigns. The National Right to Work Committee estimates that two of every three teachers belong to unions. The average union dues payment varies, but a reasonable estimate is that between 1% and 1.5% of teacher salaries goes to dues. The National Education Association and other unions will thus get as much as $100 million in additional dues from this bill, much of which will flow immediately to endangered Democratic candidates in competitive House and Senate races this year.


So in the name of still another “stimulus,” Democrats are rewarding their own political funders, putting the most fiscally responsible states into even greater distress, and postponing the day of reckoning for spendthrift states. Oh, and Mr. Obama rushed to sign the bill Tuesday, violating his campaign pledge to give the public five days to read legislation online. As we say, the only way for voters to stop such fiscal abuse is to run this crowd out of town.

Stopa: How the stimulus hurt private investment:

Fully, a third of the stimulus funds remain unspent. This amount ($280 billion) roughly equals the cost to fully extend the Bush tax cuts for two years. The emerging double dip recession is in reality a single deepening recession with the mirage of recovery in the middle from a spike of largely useless spending. The president has the power, with a single stroke, to greatly allay business uncertainty and get the country moving again. He should extend all of the Bush tax cuts.

One thought on “Video: AFL-CIO Boss Says We Don’t Have Any Deficit Problem

  1. A jobs problem, but no deficit prob, huh?

    Chubby-Cheeks here says he doesn’t have a weight problem but the Republicans are to blame that Twinkies keep getting shoved in his mouth.


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