A Video Answer To F*ck Tea

I linked to Professor Jacobson’s  post about this latest left-wing, grassroots astroturf  attempt at  a “movement” on my  “Must Reads” post, yesterday  This latest attempt: “F*ck Tea”,  is so lame, even some liberals are objecting on the (correct!) grounds that it makes progressives look like a$$holes.

Anyway, Carol of No Sheeples Here couldn’t resist creating an answer video to F*CK  Tea,  which brilliantly highlights even more pathetic childishness coming from the left. (The song is NSFW):


7 thoughts on “A Video Answer To F*ck Tea

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  2. Beautiful, Nice Deb. That’s really creative. That could almost be mistaken for being created by a lefty, you know, given that we conservatives have such little representation in the entertainment industry. The highest compliment of all: Your work is indistinguishable in creativity from the enlightened left.


  3. Just dropped by for a spell and as usual found your work impressive; a good example for many of us – thank you for the time and effort put into everything!


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