Video: Emily’s List’s Mama Grizzly Fail


These are the weakest and ugliest mama grizzlies I’ve ever seen. These feministas fail miserably at the most important trait of  the mama grizzly bear, the trait that pretty much defines a mama grizzly’s character.

She fights to protect her young. She doesn’t advocate killing them. A real  mama grizzly would never say she’s “threatened by her daughter not having the right to choose”.

Mama grizzlies are rugged individualists. They take care of their cubs without outside help, thank you very much. In fact if you get too close with that government cheese, she’s liable to rip your face off.

These mama grizzlies are just as fake as they look. A better analogy would be  worker bees – infertile collectivists who believe that the rights of the individual should be forfeited for the good of group.

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Hat tip: Ace, who quickly cranked out: Top Ten Problems With Emily List’s Ewok Ad

Linked bv Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!


7 thoughts on “Video: Emily’s List’s Mama Grizzly Fail

  1. Mama Grizzlies can also probably take criticsm, which Emily’s List can’t. They delete comments at YouTube, like all good, censorship-loving Marxists.


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  3. This video was pitiful. “Mama Grizzlies” want their cubs to have the right to choose? Yeah, ok. “Mama Grizzlies” want unemployment benefits? Where do they find these f…ing idiots?


  4. I posted the following two comments concerning this video on youtube. Neither appeared. The pro abortion comments have appeared however. The pro-aborts fear the truth.

    (1) The unborn child has the right to life. That is the Fifth Commandment of God. When we die we answer to God for our actions.
    (2) Grizzlies do not kill their own unborn. They protect them. If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy she can have the child adopted. At least she will have an easy conscience for the rest of her life. It is time for Emilys List to abide by the Fifth Commandment.


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