James Cameron, Fraud

High noon, boneheads!

That’s right, I said it.

What else can you say about someone who makes a big show of challenging global warming skeptics to a debate, repeatedly changes the rules to make it as nontransparent as possible, then backs out at the last minute, anyway?

This would be hysterical if it wasn’t so pathetic:

Director James Cameron Unleashed: Calls for gun fight with global warming skeptics: ‘I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads’

Well, high noon came and went, and our eco-warrior was nowhere to be found. Climate Depot reports:

Cameron challenged Andrew Breitbart, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano and filmmaker Ann McElhinney of ‘Not Evil Just Wrong.’ The debate was already in the program for the Aspen American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit. The website program described the agreed to debate as “AREDAY Climate Change Debate: Reality or Fiction?”

After setting up the public global warming debate, Cameron and his negotiator then changed formats multiple times and initially said it would be open to the media and then said he would only participate if it was private with no recording devices. The skeptics agreed to all the changes. According to AREDAY organizers, activist Joseph Romm of Climate Progress urged Cameron not to go ahead with the debate as well.

Cameron’s cancellation of the agreed to debate did not happen until one debate participant (Morano) was already in mid-air, flying from DC to Aspen on Saturday August 21 to attend the debate. (AREDAY did grant Morano a 90 minute slot to speak at the summit. See: Climate Depot’s Presentation at Warmists’ Summit Met By Hostile Interrupting Moderator and Crowd; Call for Morano to Kill Himself!)

Apparently, environmentalists “came out of the woodwork” to warn him not to engage in a debate with skeptics because “it would not in his best interest”.

Gee, I wonder, why? Because global warming arguments fall apart when challenged? – They’re not so impressive when they’re put under a microscope? Was Cameron afraid he was going to beclown himself after all his tough talk?

Does it get any lower than that?

As a matter of fact,  yes!

James Cameron boldly slammed global warming skeptics as “swine” on the day he was supposed to be debating them. “I think they’re swine”

See also Ann McElhinney’s version of the events: James Cameron—King of Hypocrites.

Al Gore famously refused to debate climate skeptics, as well.

You almost get the impression that liberals don’t really believe half the crap they say.


Jim Treacher has an exclusive report!: James Cameron: Gunslinger:

Ever heard tell of a feller name a’ James Cameron? Well, he was a gunslinger, ya see, a legend ’round these here parts. ‘Cept his gun was a camera. Fastest you ever saw. Why, he could make a movin’ pitcher in less’n 15 years!

He had fame. He had money. He was King of the World! But that wun’t enuff for ol’ Killer Cameron (that’s what they called him, Killer Cameron). He had to go around tellin’ ever’body that if they all tried to live like he did, the whole dang planet was a-gonna die.

And one day, well, one day he got fed up and done called some out some no-good, hornswogglin’, climate-denyin’ varmints:

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/08/24/james-cameron-gunslinger/#ixzz0xXYQSS7a

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, Ed Driscoll, and Doug Ross, thanks!


9 thoughts on “James Cameron, Fraud

  1. The World’s Richest Director was featured on Coast-to-Coast radio earlier today. There was a typical leftist love-fest, with Cameron talking about how dreams influenced his creative efforts.

    Of course it’s “not in his best interest” to debate. That’s why Al Gore won’t debate anybody. They all know that all they have are emotional arguments – not fettered by logic or science.


  2. I think I have this global warming thing pretty well figured out. The only mystery, to me, is whether bull shit (bullshit?) is one word or two.


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  4. Cameron has little to gain and a heckuva lot to lose in the proposed debate. Most everyone paying attention to it already know he’s full of it and himself. Perhaps the enviromarxists have decided to lay low for awhile, and come back at us after the elections.


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