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One of the depressing stories I’ve been trying to avoid is the one about the Obama administration waving the white flag in Afghanistan, and making nice with our declared enemies:

The Daily Caller reports:

Key players in the U.S. strategy for the war in Afghanistan took to the airwaves over the weekend to discuss the future of U.S. withdrawal. For some, that includes political negotiations with the Taliban.

On Friday, Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, said in an NPR interview that there is “no military solution” for Afghanistan and that “there are very active efforts now to seek an appropriate kind of political settlement.”


In an interview with The Daily Caller, Steven Emerson, the executive director at Investigative Project on Terrorism, said that any settlement with the Taliban would “not be worth the paper it’s written on.”

“This group isn’t an entity that can be trusted whatsoever,” said Emerson. “The notion of a political agreement with the Taliban boggles the mind.”

If the “no military solution” line sounds strangely familiar, that’s because it’s the same thing the Dems argued when opposing the surge in Iraq four years ago.

And as history has proven, George Bush won the debate over the surge. The Iraq war was won militarily, leaving Obama with only a diplomatic task, which he has failed at, a point Charles Krauthammer made on Special report, last night:

….the Obama administration had one task — a diplomatic task, that’s what Democrats are good at? A year and half [later], get an election done, a government in place. It has absolutely failed on that. It had one task, a diplomatic task and it’s left us in a situation where we’re winding down, we’re leaving and the government is extremely unstable.”

This guy has a Nobel Peace prize—-why????

The Keep America Safe Scorecard:

Keep America Safe’s comprehensive national security scorecard gives a letter grade to every member of Congress based on their voting record on a wide range of national security issues dating back to 2001. The Scorecard is an educational tool meant to enhance dialogue between American citizens and their elected representatives. We encourage the public to examine its contents and share its information with friends and family.

A (Outstanding) – 100-80%
B (Passing) – 79-60%
C (Needs Improvement) – 59-40%
F (Failing) – 39-0%

Moving on to GZ mosque news:

Ace: Hitchens: I Am Distressed and Disgusted at the Demagogic Attacks Against the Ground Zero Mosque And Oh, By The Way, Imam Rauf Is a Despicable Apologist For Islamist Tyranny And Must Demonstrate Tolerance

I like this piece an awful lot. Sure, he knocks some on the right for engaging in rhetoric he finds too ugly to be creditable, but darn it if he doesn’t wind up coming to — or at least guardedly approaching — some of the same concerns we have.

Often it is like this — someone can agree with you in principle but be put off by your tone. Even so, it’s good to have a Grade-A sophisticate like Hitchens with his authoritative baritone and plummy Oxbridge accent sounding most of the right notes, to reach those who might otherwise just give in to the easy paradigm of liberals that this is about nothing but “hate.”

Read the whole thing…

Jack Cashill brings this to our attention:  Ground Zero Imam Eyes Another Landmark

Rauf has largely escaped attention for his efforts to build a sawed-off version of the same on the grounds of the venerable and historically Christian Chautauqua Institution in western New York State. Although the resistance to Rauf at Chautauqua has not made the news, it is deeply supported, and it is coming from both Christians and Jews. As shall be seen, the forced feeding by Rauf of the unwilling masses at Chautauqua represents progressivism at its most paradoxically self-destructive.

The Sun Chronicle:  Place observers in mosques BY MICHAEL STOPA, candidate for Congress (MA-3):

The criminals who caused 9/11 are known to militant Islam as “the magnificent 19.” There is little doubt what kind of magnet a mosque built on (or near) their ashes will be.

But the symbolism and the inevitable “pilgrimages” to Manhattan by Islamic radicals is only one issue. The real concern is not a question of bricks and mortar. The deeper threat concerns what goes on inside the walls. We know that mosques, from Hamburg to London to Falls Church, Va., (where the Fort Hood shooter was indoctrinated) have been used as places to incite and plan violence.

In addition, non-believers are prohibited from entering a mosque. Some portion of the proposed Ground Zero construction plans are for a cultural center, which presumably would be open to visitors. But the mosque itself will be off limits to non-Muslims. Mosques effectively house secret societies, which shield their proceedings from the outside world.

Keep reading…

Some resources I’ve recently discovered on Feisal Abdul Rauf:

Discover The Networks now has a profile on the not-so-moderate Imam.

and The International Analyst Network: The Ground Zero Mosque Developer: Muslim Brotherhood Roots, Radical Dreams

On teh Obamessiah:

The American Thinker: Now, why would 20% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim? By Kyle-Anne Shiver

Rich Lowry: The Cipher in Chief

iOWNTHEWORLD: (video)  Is Obama A Muslim?

Drew at AoSHQ: Obama Administration To UN- Sorry That America Is So Awful. In Fairness, We Inherited This Lousy Country But Are Working On Remaking It High blood pressure warning.

On to the Economy:

The Powers That Be: Rep. Boehner to Call for Resignation/Firing of Obama’s Entire Economic Team — Update: Dems Respond; The Bad Economy is Bush’s Fault!

GOP Conference Blog: BREAKING: Pence Joins Call For Geithner, Summers Resignations

These guys aren’t kidding…

Ace: ABCNews: We’re Currently Enjoying a Recession and Not Enjoying It Very Much featuring a Presidential double face palm.

Michelle Malkin: Fishermen against Obama job destruction

The Hill: Existing home sales plummet in July

Sales of previously owned homes plunged 27 percent in July to the lowest level in 11 years, as the housing sector struggled to gain its footing in the slowing economy.

Unexpectedly, I’m sure.

WSJ: US Stocks Drop As Housing Data Add To Jitters; DJIA Off 81

The Foundry: Side Effects: What Obamacare and the Death Star have in Common

Newsbusters: Media Nearly Silent as ObamaCare Proponents Drop Deficit, Cost Savings Claims

Garsh, those Dems are doing a heckuva job, aren’t they?
Moonbattery: (video)  Thomas Sowell Sounds the Alarm
Scary chart-o-the-day: