AFL-CIO Chief Trumka: Sarah Palin Terrorizing Union Thugs Or Something

What is it about Sarah Palin that causes the left such tremors and palpitations?

(The Hill)In a speech Thursday, a prominent labor official will blast former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) for recent anti-union rhetoric.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, in a speech from Anchorage, Alaska, is expected to criticize the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate for language that he says could lead to violence by her supporters.

“And down in Tyler, Texas, she’s talking about — and I quote — ‘union thugs.’ What? Her husband’s a union man. Is she calling him a thug? Sarah Palin ought to know what union men and women are,” Trumka will say. “That’s poisonous. There’s history behind that rhetoric. That’s how bosses and politicians in decades past justified the terrorizing of workers, the murdering of organizers.”

Trumka was referring to a June speech by Palin in Tyler’s Oil Palace. In the speech, she said she would have waived the Jones Act to help with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill’s clean-up, adding “some unions not might not like it, not the union membership, but the union leaders, too many, who are thugs.”

In his Anchorage speech, Trumka will say that kind of rhetoric edges closer to calling for violence. Palin has faced criticism for using cross-hairs on a United States map, posted on her Facebook page, to show what congressional Democrats her political action committee is opposing in the 2010 elections.

Oh yeah….the cross-hairs! -that was funny, too.

Last Spring, Palin posted on her Facebook page, a map with cross-hairs, each of which represented a Democrat from a conservative district who voted in favor of health reform.

Democrats like Paul Krugman and Joy Behar suffered such extreme vapors over that one, I helpfully suggested making target maps with teddy bears or peace signs.

As the tea party “edges closer” to violence (not), the left continues its reign of political terror, unabated – firebombing campaign offices, stabbing Muslim cabdrivers, cussing out Holocaust survivors, biting off fingers, SRLC Republican beatdowns, throwing eggs at tea party buses,   etc,   etcetc. (I can go on forever).

Lefty union members, specifically, have been the biggest perpetrators of town hall and tea party violence:

Union Thugs Attack Protester In Tampa

SEIU Thugs Attack a Black Conservative Kenneth Gladney Outside Russ Carnahan Townhall

Breaking: Radical Union Organizer-Black Liberation Activist Slugs Tea Party Protester in Face (Video) …Update: YouTube Removes Attack Video

Union Thug Assaults Cameraman at Anti-Whitman Rally…

Union Thugs Invade Tea Party Searchlight Nevada – Aggressors Play the Race Card (videos)

Union Thugs Attack Tea Party Member in Fort Lauderdale

Union thugs storm the front yards of banking lobbyists, take over some banks

Look, there’s a good reason why we call these people “Union thugs”. They belong to unions. And they are thugs.

Meanwhile….those tea partiers “edge closer” to….laughing their butts off at buffoons like Richard Trumka.


I wonder what Trumka would think about this Congressional Democrat wishfully musing to a Dem audience that “Pelosi could fall ill and die in coming months.”

No doubt, he’ll make room in his speech to blast Rep. Bobby Bright for his shocking rhetoric, too.

Or not.


Oh my…

MSNBC’s Psychotic Host Ed Schultz Has Epic Meltdown on set, Threatens to “Torch This F*cking Place”…

Apparently Ed “Genius Envy” Schulz was bummed because he’s not featured in NBC’s election night promos, (heh!) See Jim Treacher for more.

Anyway, he didn’t say anything about union thugs in his rant so he’s cool….

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

8 thoughts on “AFL-CIO Chief Trumka: Sarah Palin Terrorizing Union Thugs Or Something

  1. Nasty how he tries to make her “thugs” comment apply to all union members, when she clearly was talking about the leadership. Ironic, even.


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