Pic of the Day

Via Verum Serum, the SEIU brought their pre-printed, misspelled banner to Al Sharpton’s Reclaim the Scheme rally:

The “Amercan dream” apparently stands for bigger government, less freedom, and equal outcomes.

For most people, the American Dream is achieved through  equal opportunity for all, and freedom to excel with limited government intrusion.

John at Verum Serum dryly notes that the focus at the rally was education.

See  Verum Serum also for The Funniest Fact-Check Ever, ABC’s lame fact-check of the Restoring Honor rally.


John Hawkins had a busy weekend in DC…Don’t miss his epic post: The Defending The American Dream 2010 / Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally Picture Dump (41 Pics)


Wait…what? The Other McCain reports that the misspelling was intentional?

Sure…that’s what they all say!


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