What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Hint…It’s not the squirrel…

Daylife: U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama walk through a gate in the Columbia Parc Development to visit newly built homes in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 29, 2010.


Michelle’s Mirror: Once In a Life Time: With God’s Will and Your Votes-updated

What a coininkydink. I listened to that song in the car driving back from St. Louis, yesterday – first time I’d heard it in years.


Linked by Geoff at AoSHQ, thanks!

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13 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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  2. OK – first thing wrong: somebody took it.

    Next: The Leader of the Free World seems to have difficulty getting an umbrella through a gate.

    Next: It’s apparently been raining (the ground is wet), and neither one is dressed for it.

    Next: The Leader of the Free World’s wife is captured in yet another beatific moment. (Is she thinking “You idiot!! Close the @#&#@ umbrella!!”?)

    Next: In her usual role as Fashion Trend-Setter for America, she’s so elegantly dressed as to make the rest of us swoon. Or at least, remember Jackie Kennedy.

    Outside of that, the photo is just fine.


  3. Jimmie Choo didn’t design galoshes and a belt for walking in the rain?

    The Golfer in Chief doesn’t seem to own a nifty Gore-Tex squal jacket?

    God failed to follow Teh One’s instructions not to rain that day?

    The Secret Service stood off, making bets on how much rain could touch M’Chel before she melted?

    The royal retainers were nowhere to be found when they needed the carpet rolled out and a tarp suspended overhead.?


  4. You should start doing “Caption it”.
    barry: “I’ll have to ask biden how to get thru here with the umbrella, altho’ neither one of us knew what a cattle guard is.”

    Michelle after she’d seen the size of Glenn Beck’s crowd Saturday:
    “Don’t close that umbrella ! The sky’s gonna fall any minute now !”


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