You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: NAACP, Think Progress, Media Matters Launch New Website To “Monitor” “Tea Party Racists”

Well, this should be an exercise in honest and ethical journalism.

The DailyCaller has the story:

The NAACP partnered with Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media to launch, a website  that will specifically publish and monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”

Media Matters and Think Progress representatives said their content and reporting haven’t changed and that the NAACP approached their organizations seeking only to republish select content they’ve produced. The NAACP’s new is aimed specifically at highlighting “racism” in the Tea Party.

New Left Media, the duo of Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll who use a “Trojan trick” to get interviews with Tea Partiers, is also a partner organization on the new site.


Conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart, who was once a victim of New Left Media’s trickery (though he says he doesn’t object to that type of journalism), said Think Progress and Media Matters shouldn’t, by any means, partner with an advocacy group, especially the NAACP, in trying to the paint the Tea Party a certain color.

“It’s called projection,” Breitbart said. “The alliance of the left, the Think Progress, the Media Matters and the NAACP are projecting onto the Tea Party. The accusations are a projection of who the coordinated, well-funded left is. They are manufacturing the racism. They are the ones who are fomenting the violence, the ones who are the only perpetrators of violence over the last year.”

Shakir thinks his organization, though, unlike the NAACP, has held itself to higher journalistic standards. He said Think Progress is a group of “advocacy journalists,” but that his staff values fact-checking and reporting truth.


Think Progress is the website that last July, produced and posted a spurious video that used clips of tea party infiltrators, and grossly edited tapes  as proof of tea party racism. The video has been since picked apart, and discredited, but it remains on YouTube for naive, and impressionable eyes.
Think Progress had great influence on the NAACP’s decision to condemn Tea Parties as racist. The photos relied upon by the NAACP were provided by Think Progress, as was a video Think Progress just released to prove that Tea Parties are racist. It’s not surprising that they have teamed up to continue with their smears.
A complete recap and takedown of the completely fraudulent Think Progress video was provided by Bob Owens, (Confederate Yankee) at Pajamas Media.

Oh, my dear progressive friends … will you ever learn?

Think Progress is an unofficial auxiliary of the Democratic Party, apparently run with the singular purpose of generating reams of dubious (and sometimes shockingly bad) propaganda. One of their more recent abortive efforts was to fabricate a video that they they would like to use as evidence supporting the popular left-wing meme that the growing tea party movement is chock-full of racists. Here it is.

How bad is it?

Put it this way: Think Progress made the following statement yesterday afternoon in their original article:

Think Progress has produced a short video demonstrating the vile racism that has been exhibited at some Tea Party events:

DENNIS: The Tea Party does not focus on the pigment of people’s skin.


TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 1: He’s too black to be President.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 2: I’m a proud racist, I’m white.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 3: Afro-Leninism! Coming to you on a silver platter, Barack Hussein Obama!

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 4: Go home wetbacks!

There are four men quoted in the original 53-second video.

Activist 1 is being smeared as a racist by Think Progress, even though he was attending a tea party event with his black wife and bi-racial son. It takes a lot of nerve to edit a video so dishonestly that what remains is the opposite of what the speaker intended. Here is what Activist 1 actually said in the full video recording:

Barack Obama’s just a bad guy. That’s all I can say. He’s … he’s too black to be president. And you look at the color of my wife, it’s not the color of his skin that troubles me, it’s not the blackness of his skin that troubles me.

It’s the blackness inside … his heart. He’s a bad guy.

Think Progress takes an obviously not racist man and edits him into a villain.


Activist 2 is a favorite of Think Progress, and no wonder: he says exactly what they hoped to hear a tea partier say, exclaiming: “I’m a proud racist, I’m white.” Think Progress liked this clip so much they played it not once, but twice.

The problem is, Activist 2 isn’t a tea party protester. He is a tea party crasher.

Read the rest, here.

That’s what Think Progress considers “higher journalistic standards”.

If they are going to try to flood YouTube with more videos of that sort, it should keep right-wing bloggers busy in the months to come.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers: NAACP Teams up With Soros-Funded Websites Media Matters, Think Progress to Launch Site That Will “Monitor” Tea Party “Racism”…


The Crash The Tea Party Effort Bears Fruit



16 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: NAACP, Think Progress, Media Matters Launch New Website To “Monitor” “Tea Party Racists”

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