Eric Cantor Tells Obama After Repub-Bashing Cleveland Speech:”Clarify Or Withdraw The Accusation”

I think Republicans in Congress are as sick of Obama’s whoppers as we are, probably more so, since they’re so often the target of his barbs. Today, during his speech on the economy in Cleveland, Obama once again accused the Republicans of having no ideas – “And when you ask them what programs they’d actually cut, they usually don’t have an answer.”

“President Obama must have misspoken today, because I have personally sat across the table from him and suggested specific ways to cut spending. Furthermore, House Republican Leader John Boehner and I urged President Obama to work with Republicans to cut spending by using his authority to send Congress a “rescissions” package.  In fact, we sent President Obama a letter twice pledging to work together with him on that effort. We still have not heard back – seven months later. It doesn’t end there, through the YouCut program House Republicans have offered over $120 billion in spending cuts, only to be voted down by Democrats in the House. Finally, House Republicans Jeb Hensarling and Paul Ryan have introduced a “Cut Spending Now” package of specific cuts that would save taxpayers $1.3 trillion.

“President Obama is entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to his own facts, and with that in mind I am asking him to either clarify or withdraw the accusation that he made earlier today.”

Gee, since Obama didn’t see fit to respond to any of the previous communications from House Republicans, I rather doubt he’ll hearken to this. Nice try, anyway.


12 thoughts on “Eric Cantor Tells Obama After Repub-Bashing Cleveland Speech:”Clarify Or Withdraw The Accusation”

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  4. Us folks on the ‘right’ have been expressing concern that we don’t know who this POTUS is — so much of his past being hidden or unknown – and much of what we do know leaves folks concerned.

    But we really do know the most essential element of him…

    He is a liar.

    … and keeps proving it every time he opens his mouth.


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