Obama Sets His Sights On Boehner

So, the President is in Cleveland Ohio, today, to give  (yet another) speech on the economy, and he plans to target  House GOP Leader John Boehner as the “foil Democrats want to run against in an uphill election year.”

The Hill reports:

In blogs and speeches, Obama and administration aides have repeatedly targeted the longtime Ohio lawmaker possibly poised to become Speaker, but Wednesday’s address by the president will be the most direct assault yet.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that Obama specifically chose Cleveland as the site to lay out his new economic proposals because of Boehner’s address on the economy two weeks ago there.
He said Obama “will spend a decent amount of time” contrasting his economic views with Boehner’s, which the White House argues would return the country to failed policies that led to a financial crisis and recession.

Yes, please do contrast the economic views. Say one more time, “the same policies that drove us into the ditch….” because the American people are not tired of hearing that yet.  Keep pretending ruinous Democrat  policies had nothing to do with the financial meltdown.

Obama plans to defend his plans to let tax cuts on the “wealthiest taxpayers” expire. This is a key tenet of his Marxist redistributive ideology.

Obama is expected to include a forceful defense of his plans to let tax cuts on the wealthiest taxpayers expire at the end of the year while extending tax cuts on the middle class.

Boehner and Republicans have hammered the president on this point, arguing that all of the tax cuts should be extended. The GOP received an unlikely boost Tuesday from Obama’s former budget director Peter Orszag, who argued the tax cuts on the wealthy should be extended for two years, and that all of the tax cuts should be allowed to expire at that point.

The “wealthiest Americans” who will see their taxes rise are individuals who make over  $200,000 and families with incomes below $250,000. Who are these people? Predominantly small business owners. The same people Obama purports to be helping with his new job stimulus.

As Christopher Chantrill notes at The American Thinker:

Part of the stimulus is a program of targeted tax cuts for small business.

The plan, floated as a trial balloon at the New York Times, is this. The administration proposes to take the $35 billion extra revenue from the rich by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on taxpayers earning more than $250,000 a year. Then they will give the $35 billion to small businesses through targeted tax breaks.

Does your head hurt, yet?

So Barack’s cunning plan to jump-start the economy is to steal  money out of the back pockets of the nation’s most successful small business owners and then give it right back to them — minus the usual cut to the redistributionist bureaucrats, and plus the administrative burden placed on those busy business owners.

Just brilliant.

According to The Hill:

Boehner’s office seems delighted with the White House strategy, which it framed Tuesday as a desperate and “unprecedented” move by an administration worried it is on the verge of seeing both chambers of Congress go GOP.

“You can sense the panic setting in,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel wrote in an e-mail.

“When was the last time a sitting president of the United States chose to follow the minority leader of the House of Representatives to a city and respond to his or her speech?” Steel asked.

It does smack of desperation. And it won’t work. Obama suffers from overexposure as it is, and his credibility has collapsed. People  don’t believe him or trust him, anymore, and all the speeches in the world are not going to change that.


John Boehner: “Hell No You Can’t!”

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