BlogCon, a Freedomworks-sponsored conference for conservative bloggers, is being held in Washington, DC, this weekend. It was scheduled to coincide with the 9/12 March on Sunday, which we’ll all be covering live.  I was honored to be one of the bloggers invited to attend, so here I am.

The conference started bright and early this morning at 8:30, with speakers like Dr. Melissa Clouthier (Melissa Tweets), Steve Kruiser, Jim Hoft, Mary Katherine Ham, and John Hawkins.

Mary Katherine Ham at BlogCon

We were privileged to  watch the first ever LIVE Trifecta show with Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and Scott Ott.

This afternoon,we’ll be treated to  panel featuring Ace of Spades, Caleb Howe, Lori Ziganto, and IowaHawk who’ll be discussing humor in blogging.

The best way to follow the conference, if you’re interested, is by using the #blogcon hashtag on Twitter, which is currently the #1 trending twitter in Washington DC.

Others blogging the conference:

Da Tech Guy’s Blog (He’s posting lots of pictures).

The Other McCain

Gateway Pundit

All American Blogger (Has videos of speeches).

Publius Forum

Riehl World View

Liberty Pundit

Caffeinated Thoughts

Grizzly Groundswell:

Bluegrass Bulletin:

Virginia Right!

John Hawkins: Tabicon 2010: First Report


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