BlogCon Day 3

Saturday was much less structured than the tightly scheduled day before. We were allowed to sleep in after the whirlwind of activity on Friday.

A few of us women were invited to a screening of the new Citizens United film, Fire In The Heartland, a film about the women behind the tea party movement, which I’ll be writing more about, later.

Citizen’s United filmmaker, Steve Bannon introducing the film.

The Citizens United offices are located in a beautiful DC row house. Alexa Shrugged gave us a grand tour:

After the screening, a we went to the Freedomworks building to work on signs, and meet Dick Army, who was signing his new book, (co-written by Matt Kibbe) Give Us Liberty.

ND, Dick Armey

Cheryl Prater, Steve Green (VodkaPundit), and I decided to go out for some drinks and a bite to eat. I’d like to take the opportunity now, to say that VodkaPundit is aptly named. The man drank prodigious amounts of vodka, both at the restaurant, and later on at the hotel lounge, which is where everyone ended up, Saturday night:

ExUrban Jon with my The Other McCain coffee mug, which I lost, and McCain ungraciously refused to replace.

L-R: Breeanne Howe, Alexa Shrugged, Cheryl Prater, Nadia Naffe, (RedCountry)

Breeanne, Alexa, Cheryl

The next three photos are swiped from the Cranky Hermit because I neglected to get pix of some of these amazing bloggers.

Steve Eggleston, (No Runny Eggs) ND

Cranky Hermit, and Dan Riehl

Ace, John Sexton, Ex Jon and Michael Bates.

When the bar stopped serving drinks, we  resorted to this.

As Iowahawk quipped – “summary of #blogcon: people in favor of limited government aren’t big fans of limited drinking”.

I resisted the temptation to finish out the night at the Kruiser Kabana. Nice Deb needed sleep.

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