Friday News Round-up

There’s a lot of disturbing news to report on the topic of Islamic  supremacism at the moment, and a good place to start with that is at Weasel Zippers:

WH Spokesmen Still Mum on Study Linking Shariah Proponents to Al Qaeda

(Washington Times)

Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy, said the Obama administration’s policy is based on an incorrect assumption. The Team B report seeks to expose flaws in anti-terror programs, including the policy of not referring to al Qaeda and similar groups as “Islamist” to avoid offending Muslims, he said.

“What if it turns out that some of the people the Obama administration has been embracing are actually promoting the same totalitarian ideology and seditious agenda as al Qaeda, only they’re doing it from White House Iftar dinners?” said Mr. Gaffney, referring to the daily meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast during Ramadan.

The group of experts was modeled after the official CIA Team B, whose 1976 contrary analysis said U.S. intelligence assessments had underestimated Soviet nuclear forces. That Team B report led to the military buildup under the Reagan administration.

John Brennan, deputy White House national security adviser for counterterrorism, told The Washington Times in June that he disagrees that “there is an Islamic dimension to terrorism.”

The administration’s policy of not using the word Islam and its derivatives to describe today’s fundamentalist terrorists is aimed at “not according these individuals any religious legitimacy,” he said.

A White House spokesman could not be reached for comment on the report or the administration’s policy on political Islam.

Geert Wilders Launching International Group to Counter Spread of Islamism…

A group that is sorely needed, given this:

Germany to Counter Spread of “Islamophobia” by Teaching Islam in Public Schools as Part of Core Curriculum…

and this from Ace:

Wellesley, MA, Students Go On Field Trip To Mosque, Where They Learn How To Pray To Allah:

It’s a ten minute video, but the money shot happens from like 5:00 to 6:40.

More here: School Trip to “Moderate” Mosque: Inside Video Captures Kids Bowing to Allah

The mosque leadership continues to be embraced by top Massachusetts political and religious leaders. These include Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, as well as a group of local progressive rabbis and Christian clergy, who all insist despite evidence to the contrary that the mosque is moderate and its critics are just bigots.

Indeed, this is a familiar refrain by leaders nationwide in response to the increasing public realization that Islamic leaders are not as moderate as they present themselves. Radicalism is growing and many moderate Muslims have been silenced. In various parts of the country, public schools are allowing Muslim extremists to promote Islam to our children. Something’s broken here. Our leadership is failing. It’s now up to ordinary citizens to fix it.

So far not a peep from the ACLU about this.

El Marco: Historic 9/11 Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero Rally

This year’s 9/11 anniversary in New York brought opponents and supporters of the controversial “ground zero mosque” to lower Manhattan by the thousands. That fact has spawned a new controversy, as the American people yet again were served a false narrative by the dominant liberal establishment mass media.

Exhibit A, in the “media reality distortion case #2478697,” is the photo scene below. This photo shows the 9/11 Remembrance/Stop the Ground Zero Mosque Rally hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. According to the New York Times, what is seen here is a crowd of 2,000 persons. According to the New York Daily News, the crowd below contained “hundreds,” despite the fact that it stretched jam packed as seen below for three city blocks. Local NYC News Channel 10 reported live that there were 30,000 people at this rally. Channel 10 should be applauded for doing their job, and the rest of the media stands exposed.

This is good news if it pans out:

Russian Offers to Buy Ground Zero Mosque Building for $10 Million to International Build Chess Center

(ABC News)- The Russian president of the World Chess Federation is offering $10 million to buy the site of the controversial Muslim community center near Ground Zero in order to build an international chess center instead of the controversial mosque.

Jennifer Rubin: Maybe the Peace Processors Just Don’t Have a Clue


On the Political front:

Byron York: Coons spokesman: ‘Chris is not anyone’s pet’

(Yes he is).

Sadly, this needed to be said:

Byron York:  In Delaware, GOP should target Dems, not O’Donnell

T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII rolls up his cashmere sleeves, waves his swagger stick and  brays: If It Is a Fight These Jacobins Want, Then It Is a Fight They Shall Have!

Weasel Zippers: Jon Stewart to Hold DC ‘Million Moderate March’…

Weasel Zippers: Texas Files Lawsuit Against Feds Over Regulations Based on Global Warming Lies…

(WAOI) The state of Texas today sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a federal appeals court in Washington DC, claiming four new regulations imposed by the EPA are based on the thoroughly discredited findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are ‘factually flawed,’ 1200 WOAI news reports.

Don’t mess with Texas!

Fox News: New Border Threat: Illegals Living in Caves

Michelle Malkin: Harry Reid’s illegal alien student bailout

Lori Ziganto, Red State: Blood Money: Exposing The Evil That Is The Abortion Industry

Announcing This Week’s 10-Buck Friday Winner: Congratulations B.J. Lawson

Congratulations B.J. Lawson.
B.J. Lawson is a young physician from North Carolina (NC-04) who was running against an entrenched liberal incumbent back in 2008, back before it was so cool to do so. Dr. Lawson has returned in 2010, riding the red wave that promises to sweep away liberals all over the country.
Lawson has been endorsed by the U.S. Senate’s most courageously stubborn defender of the Constitution, Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Senator Tom Coburn, the leading Medical Doctor in the U.S. Senate endorsed B.J. Lawson today.

“Our health care system is broken, and has only been made worse by this administration’s actions. Americans face skyrocketing medical costs with declining quality and availability due to oppressive big government policies.
Reversing these trends demands leadership that will return health care to patients and physicians, and get government and insurance bureaucracies out of our exam rooms.

I’m proud to endorse Dr. William (B.J.) Lawson in his campaign for Congress in North Carolina’s 4th District. As physicians, we have sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath — putting patients first, and above all else, doing no harm. As public servants, we swear to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the freedoms of the American people. Dr. Lawson will stand with me in the United States Congress in support of these sacred principles.

I hope that conservative bloggers across the country will join me in promoting and supporting B.J. Lawson for Congress. If you can, please send a few dollars his way…

Donate to B.J. Lawson here.
If everyone who voted in the poll donates their $10, that’s $26,030 to his campaign coffer, not a bad haul.

All American Blogger Interviews Mo-5 Candidate, Jacob Turk

All American Blogger, Duane Lester recently had the opportunity to interview candidate, Jacob Turk, who’s running against Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver in the largely urban 5th district in Missouri.

Turk says despite the monetary disadvantage, he feels good about his chances of getting his message heard.

“It’s not about money. It’s about people, and the way we have been forced to run has been an advantage for us. I am forced, and it fits my personality, but I have to go out and I have to meet people constantly. I constantly have to expand my outreach to reach people that I haven’t talked to yet. Not just have a circle of people around me that agree with me, I have to go out and meet people who disagree with me, because I can’t reach them any other way.

And now we have a lot of people, hundreds of volunteers out there that are carrying the message forward for us and yeah, people are open to it because this economy is driving a lot of fear into people’s hearts. And when you have a government that is not responsive, one example would be on health care, my opponent admitted that over 80% of the calls coming into his office, people from his district, said, ‘No, please don’t vote for this.’ And he went ahead and voted for it. When it comes down to it, that’s not representation. That’s tyranny.”

Read the entire interview, here, or here.

Turk has caught the eye of Sarah Palin, who was in Kansas City on Monday for a speech before the Vitae Foundation.

Although Palin remains an influential force in 2010 races across the country, she steered clear of partisan politics Monday night, saying nothing about any political plans.

But there was one exception: She acknowledged Jacob Turk, the GOP nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.

Palin said Turk had given her a business card that said elected officials must “listen to all, lead with integrity … and champion opportunity. That’s leadership, not politics.”

“I love that motto,” Palin said. She talked briefly about the growing influence of the tea party movement across the country and complained that the mainstream media were seeking to undermine the movement’s momentum.

“Kingmaker”, Palin recently endorsed Vicky Hartzler, who’s running against incumbent Ike Skelton in Mo’s dist-4…could a formal endorsement for Turk be far behind?

Since Jacob Turk is running in my district, I have a web- button on my right sidebar that leads straight to his campaign website’s donation page. If the idea of a shocked Emanuel Cleaver waking up on November 3rd without a job, appeals to you, how about hitting Turk’s tip jar?

John Holdren Urging People To Use Term: “Global Climate Disruption” Instead of “Global Warming”

Granted, people were already using “climate change” to describe changes in the earth’s climate, (otherwise known as weather). But that wasn’t scary-sounding enough, I guess. “Change” is generally thought of in neutral to positive terms. Sometimes the climate changes, and we say, “Good, it’s been too cold lately, I’m glad it’s warming up.” “Disruption”, however, sounds rude and undesirable. Who wants a weather disruption – like a hurricane, or hail storm? Nobody.

Fox News reports:

The White House wants the public to start using the term “global climate disruption” in place of “global warming” — fearing the latter term oversimplifies the problem and makes it sound less dangerous than it really is.

White House science adviser John Holdren urged people to start using the phrase during a speech last week in Oslo, echoing a plea he made three years earlier. Holdren said global warming is a “dangerous misnomer” for a problem far more complicated than a rise in temperature.

The call comes as Congress prepares to adjourn for the season without completing work on a stalled climate bill. The term global warming has long been criticized as inaccurate, and the new push could be an attempt to re-shape climate messaging for next year’s legislative session.

“They’re trying to come up with more politically palatable ways to sell some of this stuff,” said Republican pollster Adam Geller, noting that Democrats also rolled out a new logo and now refer to the Bush tax cuts as “middle-class tax cuts.”

It’s all about the “messaging” with Dems. Rush likes to say this, and he’s right: Libs wake up every morning and ask themselves, “How can we fool them, today?”

CNS recently caught up with John Holdren at the EPA, where he was part of a panel discussion celebrating forty years of the Clean Air Act.

In a video interview this week, White House Office of Science and Technology Director John P. Holdren told that he would use the “free market economy” to implement the “massive campaign” he advocated along with Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich to “de-develop the United States.”

In his role as President Barack Obama’s top science and technology adviser, Holdren deals with issues ranging from global warming to health care.

“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States,” Holdren wrote along with Paul and Anne H. Ehrlich in the “recommendations” concluding their 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.

“De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote.

*** asked: “You wrote ‘a massive campaign must be launched to restore a high quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States’ in your book Human Ecology. Could you explain what you meant by de-develop the United States?”

Holdren responded: “What we meant by that was stopping the kinds of activities that are destroying the environment and replacing them with activities that would produce both prosperity and environmental quality. Thanks a lot.” then asked: “And how do you plan on implementing that?”

“Through the free market economy,” Holdren said. also asked Holdren to comment on the declaration he made in 1995 along with co-authors Paul Ehrlich and Gretchen Daily of Stanford University that mankind needed to “face up” to “a world of zero net physical growth” that would require reductions in consumption.

“We know for certain, for example, that: No form of material growth (including population growth) other than asymptotic growth is sustainable,” Holdren, Ehrlich and Daily wrote in an essay for the World Bank titled, “The Meaning of Sustainability.”

Read the rest and watch video of CNS interview with Holdren, here.

If you haven’t read Zombietime’s disturbing report about   John Holdren’s past enthusiasms for forced abortion and mass sterilizations, you really need to. These days, he’s primarily a global warming alarmist, but in the ’70′s he was a big proponent of Paul Ehrlich’s population bomb hysteria, and co-authered the book, Ecoscience, with him.

CNS reports that when it asked him about some of his past work, he said it was a “stale topic”.


Obama’s Radical Science Czar

Video: Glenn Beck Covers Obama Science Czar Story

New Emails Reveal Global Warmists Plotting and Scheming To Strike Back At Skeptics


Another stale topic, speaking of Czars is Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “Safe School Czar”.  What’s he been up to lately??? I’m wondering because the new school year has started, and his stated objective is to “queerize” elementary education. The last I had heard, he was busy, busy, busy working on plans, to launch a “School Climate Measurement” program to integrate LGBT themes into K-12 curricula. Be vigilant, parents.


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