All American Blogger Interviews Mo-5 Candidate, Jacob Turk

All American Blogger, Duane Lester recently had the opportunity to interview candidate, Jacob Turk, who’s running against Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver in the largely urban 5th district in Missouri.

Turk says despite the monetary disadvantage, he feels good about his chances of getting his message heard.

“It’s not about money. It’s about people, and the way we have been forced to run has been an advantage for us. I am forced, and it fits my personality, but I have to go out and I have to meet people constantly. I constantly have to expand my outreach to reach people that I haven’t talked to yet. Not just have a circle of people around me that agree with me, I have to go out and meet people who disagree with me, because I can’t reach them any other way.

And now we have a lot of people, hundreds of volunteers out there that are carrying the message forward for us and yeah, people are open to it because this economy is driving a lot of fear into people’s hearts. And when you have a government that is not responsive, one example would be on health care, my opponent admitted that over 80% of the calls coming into his office, people from his district, said, ‘No, please don’t vote for this.’ And he went ahead and voted for it. When it comes down to it, that’s not representation. That’s tyranny.”

Read the entire interview, here, or here.

Turk has caught the eye of Sarah Palin, who was in Kansas City on Monday for a speech before the Vitae Foundation.

Although Palin remains an influential force in 2010 races across the country, she steered clear of partisan politics Monday night, saying nothing about any political plans.

But there was one exception: She acknowledged Jacob Turk, the GOP nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.

Palin said Turk had given her a business card that said elected officials must “listen to all, lead with integrity … and champion opportunity. That’s leadership, not politics.”

“I love that motto,” Palin said. She talked briefly about the growing influence of the tea party movement across the country and complained that the mainstream media were seeking to undermine the movement’s momentum.

“Kingmaker”, Palin recently endorsed Vicky Hartzler, who’s running against incumbent Ike Skelton in Mo’s dist-4…could a formal endorsement for Turk be far behind?

Since Jacob Turk is running in my district, I have a web- button on my right sidebar that leads straight to his campaign website’s donation page. If the idea of a shocked Emanuel Cleaver waking up on November 3rd without a job, appeals to you, how about hitting Turk’s tip jar?


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