When lefties Go To Church…

Well, it must be the silly season, because  the President  just engaged in an ostentatious church-going display, a fine Democrat tradition. The Obama family attended St. John’s Church Lafayette Square, an Episcopal congregation about a block from the White House, Sunday morning.  It was the first time he’d been to church since Easter,   and about a month after a Pew poll showed that a growing number of people think he’s a Muslim, and only 34% believe that he’s a Christian.

CNN reports:

The family sat a few rows from the altar, among roughly 40 worshippers. Each family member received communion, led by the president.

St. John’s rector, the Rev. Luis Leon, preached on the weekly gospel reading, Luke 16:1-13, which ends, “You cannot serve God and wealth,” in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

(Hear that bitter clingers? Now give it up.)

The visit, Obama’s first public trip to church since Easter, comes several weeks after a major survey showed that a substantial and growing number of Americans believe that Obama, a self-described Christian, is Muslim.

Nearly one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, up from around one in 10 Americans who said he was Muslim last year, according to the survey, conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

In the wake of that poll, some pundits (including me) predicted that a visit to church would be in Obama’s near future.

Meanwhile, lefties from Organizing for America were bussed in to protest Right Nation, a gathering of conservatives at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL, this weekend, and they apparently held their own service outside of the center.

Of course lefty services are a little different from what you and I might expect from a  church service.  We’ve all seen TUCC with Rev. Wright bellowing “G*d damn America!”, US of KKK-A, etc.

The  Organizing for America “anti-hate rally” featured a preacher sermonizing about “love and sharing”, while the mob hollered “Homosexual!” at Andrew Breitbart as he walked by,  and spit on conservatives. Dana Loesch captured some of the magic on film.

This spitting, unlike the accidental spray that hit Emanuel Cleaver at the “Kill the Bill Rally in Washington DC, last March, was purposeful hawkering. And no doubt, in retaliation for the  March 20 non-incident.

Here, while one of the members was leading the group in prayer, the mob harassed Andrew Breitbart.

Video Via Gateway Pundit

Nice bunch of supporters Obama has, huh?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


If Andrew Breitbart was short on material before his speech, he wasn’t after his confrontations outside of  the Sears Centre. He focused on the astroturf  protesters  for much of  his talk:

Video via Big Government.


Organizing For America Now A Shell Of Its Former Self

So earlier this year, when the White House gave OFA a whopping $30 million — more than half of the party’s entire budget for 2010 — senior Democrats suspected a hidden agenda. Several tell Time that OFA boss David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, is using the cash to rebuild an army for 2012 under the cover of boosting turnout in 2010. OFA is putting staff into such states as Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona, which have few close statewide races this fall but which are all prime targets in an Obama re-election campaign. “This is totally about 2012,” Cook says.

Seriously, Obama’s spending half of the Democratic party’s budget on stupid crap like this?


Reason #27,784,663 people have trouble believing that Obama is really a Christian:

Towards the end of a speech on September 15 to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Obama began quoting the famous “rights” line from the founding document. But partway through, he omitted where those rights come from: a Creator.

The line is supposed to read: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

But Obama’s recitation left out an important part: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are crated equal. [Long Pause] Endowed with certain inalienable [sic] rights: life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

As the American Thinker points out, it could well be that Obama intentionally ignored his teleprompter:

After President Obama says “created equal..”, there is a long pause during which he scowls and blinks several times. For once, he may actually have opted to not read something that was on the teleprompter. It looks like he is disgusted and decided it would be better not to read what the [Declaration] actually says.

It could really be that he believes that there  can be no rights outside of what is permitted by government.

Watch video at iOWNTHEWORLD.


So many layers of hypocrisy here, I can barely stand it:

Report: Obama Advisers Consider National Ad Campaign to Link Republicans With “Tea Party Extremists”…

“We need to get out the message that it’s now really dangerous to re-empower the Republican Party because the people who have taken over the party are radical,” said one Democratic strategist who has spoken with White House advisers but requested anonymity to discuss private strategy talks.

“Extremists” to these jaggoffs are what the rest of us call “normies”. Go ahead and try it, Dems. I’d love to see how “extreme” they make us look without resorting to Think Progress and Media Matters type fakery.

Oh, and be ready to watch the MFM give the Dems an assist at whatever “messaging” they decide on. They’re not even hiding it, anymore.

And no, there’s no place in the narrative for a story about the President’s trained monkeys from OFA  astroturfing their way to Chicago, using party funds, to combat the tea party.


There will certainly be no room in the media narrative for a story about a Dem Congresswoman’s supporters participating in a Sarah Palin as Hitler rally, either.

Linked by Michelle Malkin and Doug Ross, thanks!

14 thoughts on “When lefties Go To Church…

  1. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by the type of people around him, and by the type of people who support him.

    I have yet to see anyone in either class I’d want to meet.

    “… among roughly 40 worshippers.” Allowing for the Secret Service guys, that’s not a lot of congregation. I’d think there would have been more people.


  2. The family sat a few rows from the altar, among roughly 40 worshippers.

    When I first read this, I wondered if there was a possibility that regular parishioners might be turned away because they couldn’t get clearance from the Secret Service.

    I know that it would piss me off to no end if I couldn’t go to church on Sunday because the President decided to attend and the Secret Service had decided that I could not.


  3. There’s a minor problem with the White House plan. My twenty-something children, Democrats all, KNOW that their mother is not a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, dangerous extremist. They know me to be an ordinary middle-aged housewife who demands good manners from her children and herself. Thus, by trying to paint me, a Tea Party participant, as an extremist, they lose three voters who might believe other propaganda, but NOT propaganda about their own mother!


  4. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think he meant to leave out the Creator reference in the Hispanic Caucus speech. Think about it, he’s addressing Hispanics, who tend to be pretty religious. There’s no need to omit references to God; it’s quite the opposite — you want to make sure you drop His name into your speech a couple of times for good measure. After reviewing the video I’m starting to think the phrase was left off the teleprompter (he doesn’t really have the brightest people in his administration) and he caught the mistake but couldn’t come up with the right words or didn’t trust himself enough to go off the script. We all know the man can’t think on his feet, hence the use of TOTUS everywhere. After the pause, he changed his delivery so it didn’t seem like he was actually quoting the DOI, but paraphrasing to make a point. He excels at reading a speech, but the words in that speech better be right because if he has to stray from them, it’s not going to be pretty.

    My guess is there’s a typist in the WH who’s become another unemployment statistic for this administration.


  5. vsatt, I think that’s entirely possible. My theory is that the idea of rights coming from any other place but government is odious to him. But you’re right – if a Dem has a chance to pander in front of an audience, he won’t let a little thing like that stop him.


  6. Obama is the Poser-in-Chief. Obvious!

    Be surprised if he could sustain any sort of church attendance for more than a few weeks.

    He’s like a rubber band being stretched. It will always return to what it is in its resting/natural state.

    Guessing he can’t and won’t sustain it. Just watch.


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