It’s Time To Start Linking Democrats To their Extremists

This is the game they continually play with conservatives. The tea party is made up of  average Americans who represent the majority on most of the issues facing the nation. But that doesn’t stop the libs from trying to paint them as extremists, even if it means infiltrating tea parties and doctoring videos to make them look like racists.

Only yesterday, the New York Times reported that the White House is  considering a national ad campaign to link Republicans with “Tea Party Extremists”. David Axelrod denied that a national ad campaign was being planned:

“There’s been no discussion of such a thing at the White House” or the Democratic National Committee, said David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s senior adviser.

Which, considering Axelrod’s well known penchant for lying, means it’s absolutely true.

And such an ad campaign coming from the DNC would be nothing new. Remember this vicious anti-tea party ad from August, ’09?:

So rest assured. Something equally vile is in the works for this Fall.

I think it’s time for Republicans to fight back by linking Democrats to the extremists within their ranks. Don’t get me wrong –  I realize that the Dem Socialists in leadership positions (including the President) are by definition, extremists, themselves. Their positions are at odds with the majority of the American people in case after case after case after case after case. But they are able to hide their extremism under the veneer of respectability their offices provide them. Many of their supporters, however, don’t have that advantage. I’m talking about the scruffy, and often violent moonbats who show up at lefty rallies: Code Pinkos, animal rights nuts, global warming alarmists, union thugs, anarchists, black nationalists, La Raza, etc, etc, etc.

These are people that most Americans do not identify with. And the Dems own them.

In many cases these folks are actually bused into events by Democrat organs such as the SEIU, OFA, and HCAN.

Big Government recently covered a Sarah Palin-as-Hitler rally that was linked to a Democrat Congresswoman who’s running for reelection in the 11th district in IL.  Your Democratic party in action.

The “anti-hate rally” that Obama supporters from Organizing For America held outside of Right Nation, last weekend should be exposed as the hypocritical hate-fest that it was. Members spat on conservatives, and called Andrew Breitbart, a “homo”. It was captured on tape. Dems.

The SEIU thug who beat up Kenneth Gladney, last summer outside a town hall in St, Louis? Dem.

The MOVE ON  thug who bit off an elderly man’s finger at an anti-Obamacare rally? Dem.

Um, The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus. Those Dems might be considered extreme by mainstream Americans.

The pro illegal immigration rallies in AZ that featured swastikas and Nazi references, and  had participants throwing bottles at the police? Dems.

The New Black Panthers that Obama’s DOJ is protecting? Those would be Dems, too.

Speaking of Black Nationalists, see Duane Lester at All American Blogger for a video he’s uncovered of Al Sharpton excusing the extreme hate speech of one of his supporters, and then blaming the victim for it. If you don’t like being called “a white devil”, maybe you ARE a white devil, don’t you know. All Dems.

Those are just a few examples of extremists within the Democrat ranks. I could go on and on, but I have things to do, today.

How about it Republicans? Take the gloves off. Fight fire with fire.

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19 thoughts on “It’s Time To Start Linking Democrats To their Extremists

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  2. AMEN! My biggest gripe with the Republican National Cmmtee is that they don’t do this. I wish whoever was making Palin shine so well on Facebook and Twitter would also help out in this regard.


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  4. How about Coons Marxism? We all know witchcraft is not real . Marxism was responsible for 10s of millions of deaths in the past 100 yrs. Coons is far more dangerous than O’Donnell.


  5. RNC needs to keep it simple and indisputable for example.

    ” Democrats have controlled House and Senate for almost 4 years. Undoubtedly the WORST 4 years in America since the GREAT DEPRESSION”.


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  7. To illustrate what we are up against.



  8. “The MOVE ON thug who bit off an elderly man’s finger at an anti-Obamacare rally?” This one’s a bit weak. The “elderly man” William Rice punched the “thug” in the face (striking first — Rice was proud of that fact) and stuck his finger in the “thug”s mouth in the process of punching him again in the ensuing fistfight. The bite was probably involuntary.


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  10. The Tea Party happened because we the people are fed up with a no majority representation.
    Look back at Prop 187 in California a few years ago.
    The majority voted it in and one judge said no.
    Same in Arizonas SB1070. Majority yes, one judge no…
    We are fed up with this and want our country back.
    If the dream act passes, all hell will break loose in Noverber.
    If not sooner.
    Like the mens warehouse, I guarantee it….


  11. I thought that shouting “homo” was very un-PC. Indeed, in a different venue, leftists would have protested loudly should any conservative talk show host have ever done the same to leftist protesters. Leftists insist that homosexuality is normal and natural, just an “alternative” lifestyle that is as moral as any other. In calling Breitbart a “homo”, are they telling us otherwise, that homosexuality is morally wrong?

    I am confused. Someone tell me how to understand this.


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