18 thoughts on “Men Who Lack Adult Supervision

  1. Your dislike for Obama is so deep and visceral and hard for me to understand.

    The photos of him you finish this post with are to you somehow showing how irresponsible or low he is? I don’t think anyone who doesn’t dislike him to begin with, as you and most of your readers do will get it. But for your audience, I suppose that’s the point. I don’t get it.

    He’s certainly made mistakes, the stimulus is too loaded with pork. The auto bailout was a mistake. I think we might agree on that. The healthcare law is going to be difficult to pay for. I hope the new congress will move him a click or two to the right on domestic issues.

    We part company a lot on foreign policy I think. You see the Iraq war as part of vital quest to rid the world of terror, but you can speak for yourself. I believed that 7 years ago, but now I think that war has killed 5,000 Americans many for Iraqis, wounded many more, cost likely as much as the stimulus when its all said and done.

    For what? To discover there were no WMDs. To install a government that is far from a model democracy, and where that country will be in five years includes many outcomes we may like less than Sadam.

    On the war, I think Obama was right, it was dumb war that we rushed into in the heat of emotions after 9/11. George Bush (who I voted for enthusiastically in 2000) made one of the gravest decision a President faces much too lightly, in my eyes he is failed President on that basis alone. I think he made his mind and then basically didn’t want to bothered with facts. Look how long it took before he recognized the 2003-2006 occupation was turning into a disaster and finally committed more troops.

    Based on the belief that on a critical issue of war or not I think Obama recognizes that military force shouldn’t be used carelessly. That’s the lesson that I take away from Iraq. I don’t think most Republicans (except maybe Ron Paul) learned that and my fear is what pointless war will they engage us in next if they come to power.

    Obama may be a big spender, but I’ll take that over fighting wars for no good reason.


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  3. The photos of him you finish this post with are to you somehow showing how irresponsible or low he is?

    Bingo. And the irony is, when the Obama administration came in, the left told us that “grownups” were taking charge. Well, they’ve screwed things up royally, which anyone who understood Obama’s Marxist background could have told you. Obamacare is designed to put private insurers out of business. It’s already working its magic. I feel like I’m watching this slow motion trainwreck, and I’m not sure the Republicans can save us because the problems have been years in the making (big gov interventions into capitalism), so much damage has already been done, not just to the economy, but to the culture that allowed a Marxist like Obama to be elected in the first place.

    Yes, I have a visceral dislike for Obama because he lies through his teeth. Constantly. He can’t be honest to the American people about what he is because most would reject him outright. The other 20%-30% apparently want the Socialism (change) he’s bringing.

    You compare the Iraq war to his disastrous stimulus that has hastened our decline?

    You argue that the 8 years of war that brought democracy to a Middle Eastern country which had been ruled by a brutal tyrant, and is surrounded by Islamic dictatorships, was not worth it.

    Many Americans disagree, including members of the military.

    There were WNDs found in Iraq:


    and 550 tons of yellowcake uranium that was shipped to Canada:


    and this:


    Here’s what Bush said prior to the war:

    * The threat comes from Iraq. … The Iraqi regime … possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons. It has given shelter and support to terrorism, and practices terror against its own people. The entire world has witnessed Iraq’s eleven-year history of defiance, deception and bad faith. … Saddam Hussein is a threat to peace and must disarm. …

    He was right on all counts.

    But Obama blowing trillions and wrecking havoc on the economy is somehow preferable to protecting our country from a brutal dictator, unseating him, and instilling Democracy to an area of the world that sorely needed it. Gotcha.


  4. “Obama may be a big spender, but I’ll take that over fighting wars for no good reason.”

    The trick is, what are “wars for no good reason”? Personally, I’m thinking that the war in Afghanistan is one of those – and he’s fighting that one royally.

    “I think Obama recognizes that military force shouldn’t be used carelessly.”

    As in Afghanistan?

    Let’s stipulate that Deb’s photos are carefully picked. Someone else has a selection of photos of Obama and of Putin. Obama’s come closer to that famous[?] photo of Dukakis riding around in a tank, while Putin’s come closer to Rambo. Clearly, these are cleverly picked. (But I don’t think the Kremlin will let out the one of Putin riding a tricycle in Red Square.)

    “To discover there were no WMDs.”

    Give it a break. Everyone thought Saddam had WMD. The UN hurled mighty resolutions at him (which he cheerfully threw down the toilet). One of their last said, “open up, or face serious consequences”. In diplomatic speak, “serious consequences” means “get your butt kicked”. We gathered a coalition of 20 or 30 countries who either sent troops or supported us with money and materiel. Even Saddam thought he had them – else why play such games with the Inspectors? Then there’s the little issue of Saddam nerve-gassing his own people in Halabja. Then there’s the little issue of Saddam draining the Marsh Arab’s lands – perhaps the greatest environmental disaster in modern history.

    Obama has done more than any other person in our history to destroy this country’s way of life. Thousands of onerous regulations on businesses – including the one in the “health care” bill that requires every company (including Mom & Pop, Inc.) that buys more than $600 from any one supplier to submit an itemized form to the IRS. People are still trying to figure out what that has to do with health care, but heck, Pelosi told us we’d have to pass it so we’d find out what’s in it.

    Obama also has problems distinguishing fact from fiction. Starting with the campaign, when he told a meeting: “the Finance Committee, which was my committee”, which leads one to believe that he was the chairman, when in fact he was never even on that committee; the time he told us that he’d visited “the 57 states” (maybe a Freudian slip: there are 57 states in the Organization of Islamic Conference); the time he told us that his father served in WW II (That might be true, if the Army had drafted 9-year-olds).

    Then there was the famous “date night”, where he and Michelle flew over to Broadway – the night before General Motors had to declare bankruptcy. That little trip cost the taxpayers about $70,000. To be fair, he did pay for the dinners.

    I understand perfectly Deb’s “deep and visceral” dislike of Obama. Which I share. He’s the “Narcissist-in-Chief”. He may actually believe some of the stuff he tells us. Fortunately, most if us do not.


  5. You barely scratched the surface on the lies, too.

    I’m not talking about differences in opinions, or silly gaffes, either. There have been many, many obvious lies. Too many to count. During the Obamacare debate, alone, he made promise after promise that turned out to be not true. He was either inexcusably naive about how the economy works, (we’re gonna expand coverage and lower costs, right), or he was lying. I say he was lying.


  6. I just find it funny, that they love to lightly toss the words “racism”, “tyrant”, “hate” etc around when they have no idea what they mean, what it’s like to suffer the effects of such ideals.

    They claims to be open and tolerant of everything, yet you see how it’s clearly the opposite.

    He calls pictures of Barry throwing a ball, “hate”…yet he cannot muster the testicular fortitude to respond to real hate.


  7. I’m just saying that a responsible adult needs to take the President aside and say, “Hey, you know what? No more first pitches for you champ,” that’s all.


  8. I think all responsible adults are leaving the faux president at an alarming rate.

    When Bush was in office…no changes in his staff were made until after mid-term elections. This guy is a man on an island.

    Funniest to me is Rahm Emanuel leaving for…where? Chicago! Nah, nothing fishy there. Chicago politics are on the up and up…always have been always will be, just ask Barry and Al Capone.


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  13. Love the pics!

    And didn’t Julian Assange’s “See how awful these Conservatives are” Wikileaks doc dump PROVE that there were WMDs? All of those smoking guns that the left was sure were there….weren’t.

    Bradley Manning is about to be sentenced to HARD life in pound-me-in-the-rear Federal Military Prison because yes, he DID commit treason.

    Assange is on the run, because testimony at Manning’s trial shows that he did, in fact, conspire to obtain American military secrets.

    According to Obama, Afghanistan was the “good” and “noble” war.
    (BTW, how are things going in Libya these days, Mr. President? Haven’t heard anything about YOUR war lately….)

    (Just noticed that this post is from 2010 – I wonder how Bruce the Economist feels about Obama these days.)


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