Audio: Sparks Fly Between Mark Levin And Gloria Allred

Via HotAirPundit, who says Levin destroyed Allred.

He went after her with both barrels blazing right from the get-go: “Cut out the bullcrap, it’s lawyer to lawyer now”:

Part one:

Part two:

I can’t believe she came back on after the break.

Allred appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show, yesterday.


Allahpundit is of the opinion that the bulk of the blame for this affair lies on Whitman’s husband:

Obviously there’s a question of whether the handwriting really does belong to Whitman’s husband, and at her own presser today (video of which you’ll find below), Whitman said she’s willing to take a polygraph if necessary to prove that she knew nothing about Diaz’s status until last year. It could be true: It’s not hard to imagine her husband going through a stack of bills, letters, etc, and glancing at the Social Security letter before deciding to just let Diaz deal with it. If so, that was negligent and negligence is no excuse, but it does suggest that Whitman’s not quite as culpable as Allred would have people believe. And as Whitman herself noted today, she started running for governor all the way back in February 2009 — five months before she fired Diaz. To repeat a point I made yesterday, if she had really known that Diaz was here illegally, wouldn’t she have unloaded her before the campaign to limit the political damage?

Hat tip: iOWNTHEWORLD: The Great One with the Not So Great One


7 thoughts on “Audio: Sparks Fly Between Mark Levin And Gloria Allred

  1. Allred lost all creditability about 1 minute in, when she said “She’s not an illegal alien, she’s not from another planet – she’s an undocumented worker”.

    After that, we can turn Allred off as a certified nutcase. She deserves whatever drubbing Levin gave her.

    And of course, there’s nothing but the most unlikely circumstance that this story comes out just before the election.


  2. Oh My Gosh. That was hard [listening to the innane diatribe as babbled by Gloria] whorefused to answer a single question, point blank, and instead stuck to her talking points that Meg Whitman lied blah blah blah…


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  4. Even if you wanted to assume that meg whitman knew if her maid was an illegal
    immigrant, the fact is is that this maid sevice company receive perjurious
    info from this maid when they hired her. In court, this maid and allred don’t
    have a leg to stand on. All i can say that if brown wins, this state deserves
    whatever he does to it!!!!!


  5. I like the fact that the maid wants her back pay and expenses covered. Now that she’s come out as an illegal, it would be illegal for Whitman to pay it. So all this publicity means the maid gets nothing.


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