Video: Glenn Beck Compares One Nation Rally To Restoring Honor Rally

On his radio show this morning, Beck said he hired his own video crews to cover the One Nation rally and interview participants.

Transcript at TV Newser:


We sent photographers down and reporters down. We hired independent crews because I didn’t want to, quite honestly, put a FOX crew into that lion’s den and have anybody have to answer that they were from FOX. So, we hired — I personally hired — independent crews to go down and take photos and do interviews with people in the crowd. You’ll see them tonight.

And does it matter?

You know, this is what I told you about a year ago. I said, right now they’re all saying that they’re not communists, they’re not socialists, they’re not revolutionaries but mark my words, I said, there will come a team when they’ll just come out and say, it doesn’t matter anyway. We’re there, gang, we’re there, and the American people have to decide.

He compared footage of his 8/28 rally and the 10/2 rally on his television show on Fox, this afternoon.

Video via Patriot Network.

Here’s some more footage, via Da Techguy, of the trashy aftermath of One Nation, by videographer, sECULARsTUPIDEST, who was able to speak with a a Parks Department employee who was on duty at both the 8/28 and 10/2 events. He said the lefties’ mess was the “Worst that it Gets”


Oh, my: Weasel Zippers:  Oh No He Didn’t…Oh Yes He Did! MSNBC Lunatic Ed Schultz Forcefully Argues “One Nation” Rally Was Just As Big As Glenn Beck’s…

Good lord. Libs lie as a matter of course. It’s as natural as breathing to them.

More at Newsbusters:

That any self-respecting cable news personality would go on national television saying that these crowds were “pretty much the same” is absolutely deplorable.

That his employers would tolerate it without disciplinary action is a disgrace to the industry.

Yet, it got even worse, for about 35 minutes later, Schultz got into a fight with Republican strategist Ron Christie about the crowd size.

NBC, General Electric, and Comcast must be so proud.


Ann Coulter weighs in as only she can…

Gateway Pundit: Ann Coulter: “I Didn’t See a Lot of White Faces in That Rally… We Can Conclude It Was a Racist Rally & I Call on Democrats to Denounce the Extremist Elements of Their Movement” (Video)

This really steams me:

Newsbusters: ABC Sanitizes Left Wing Rally, Excludes Communist and Socialist Signs

Good Morning America on Sunday recapped the liberal One Nation rally held on the nation’s capital, Saturday, but skipped any mention of the socialist and Communist themed signs seen during the march.

These are some of the signs that were featured during reporter Tahman Bradley’s segment: “”Peace, justice, equality, hope, change,” “Fair trade, not free trade,” “Educate every child,” “Full and fair employment” and “Silence GOP lies.” However, signs with the Communist Party USA logo, posters reading “Capitalism is failing, socialism is the alternative” and “Build a socialist alternative” were not. [Pictures can be found here. Video, here.]

They refuse to show it.

The MSM is bleeding circulation and ratings because so few trust them anymore…and they still don’t care. They are going  to keep trying to  control the narrative  until there’s no one left in their audience to hear it.


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