Media Research Center Begins Campaign To Challenge Lib Media To Tell The Truth

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

With less than a month to go until the election, The Media Research Center has begun a campaign to shame the MSM into being honest in its reporting.

At Gateway Pundit, Lady Liberty reports:

Four billboard trucks encircle ABC, CBS, NBC and The New York Times on Friday bearing the message on the sides of the trucks, “Stop The Liberal Bias, Tell The Truth!” On the back of the trucks the message is “Honk If You Don’t Believe The Liberal Media!”. The trucks will continue to circle these buildings for eight hours every weekday for the next four weeks as part of a campaign run by the Media Research Center, a watchdog group that analyzes the media for liberal bias.

CNSNews reports:

Similar trucks also are operating in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, passing the offices of the broadcast networks, the Washington Post, CNN, the Newseum, the National Press Club and Politico, and ads about the campaign are running on numerous Web sites and on conservative talk radio programs.

L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center (MRC), the parent organization of, said the goal of this 2010 “Tell the Truth!” campaign “is simple: to force the liberals in the media to stop pushing an agenda and just tell the truth.”

The “liberal media news networks” need to report the facts about “massive growth in government and its control over our lives, and about spending, deficits and debt,” he told “They also need to tell the truth about the efforts to turn our country into a European-style Socialist state.”

Read more At Gateway Pundit.

The MSM could start by reporting on the Communist/Socialist/Marxist groups that were out in full force at the One Nation rally, Saturday, and how they trashed the mall, instead of totally whitewashing the event.


5 thoughts on “Media Research Center Begins Campaign To Challenge Lib Media To Tell The Truth

  1. Demanding that a leftist tell the truth is a bit like demanding that a vampire eat a heaping helping of garlic. It won’t happen, perhaps not even at gunpoint. You simply can’t get an explicitly and only power-seeking movement to admit to the facts when the facts are uniformly against it.


  2. They have no shame, but I have to love this.

    My favorite is circling the Newseum.

    That’s such a circle jerk of a back-patting whitewash that it’s more dishonest than your average NY Times paean to Obama.


  3. Thanks for not mentioning the glaring typo in my title. Fixed it as soon as I logged on this morning.

    I had the same take you did, Francis. Even though they’re bleeding readers and viewers, I think the MSM will keep shilling for the Dems until they’ve gone out of business for lack of audience.

    They just can’t help themselves.


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