Twittergate: A New Low For Online Lefties?

I  added this video  to my Thursday Links post late yesterday, but now additional details have emerged that I’d like to share.

Just when you think the lefts’ online shenanigans can’t get any lower, they go and outdo themselves. These are people who  troll right wing blogs, engage in moby attacks, astroturf, create fraudulent smear videos, and now this….content warning (lefties are sick pups):

Rauhauser is on notice:

See The Other McCain for the full poop: BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party

More at Right Klik: Extreme Predatory Harassment From Online Dems


The Other McCain: TwitterGate Update: Neal Rauhauser Switches Account to ‘Protected’ Status


You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: NAACP, Think Progress, Media Matters Launch New Website To “Monitor” “Tea Party Racists”

The Crash The Tea Party Effort Bears Fruit

Linked by Marooned in Marin, thanks!


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