Vicky Hartzler Moneybomb

Today is day two of  MO-4 candidate, Vicky Hartzler’s moneybomb event, which is being held all week in honor of her birthday.


This is a special week for our campaign.  First, this week we will be appearing at a voter forum in St. Robert. This forum will be the first and perhaps only opportunity for voters to see Congressman Skelton and me on the same stage. This forum will not be a full question and answer forum as we requested from the congressman, and as the voters deserve, but we have agreed to meet anyway. The forum will be held on October 12 at the St. Robert Community Center starting at 6:30 pm.


We are also holding a second public forum this week, in El Dorado Springs this Friday Oct. 15.  We have invited Mr. Skelton as well.  I encourage all Springfield area voters to come out, get some answers, and see the energy and excitement that is building around our race.


And finally, this Wednesday is my birthday.  In honor of the occasion, we are holding a moneybomb fundraiser all week!  If you support our campaign but haven’t yet found a way to express that support, please consider sending $20.10 for victory in 2010. 

This congressional race is VERY winnable.  Mr. Skelton has held this seat for 34 years and all the polls show us at a virtual tie.  Ike Skelton has an incredible amount of campaign money at his disposal and he has used it to run constant television ads that lie about me and my record.  We need to be able to get the truth out in every way possible.  Could you spare just $20.10 to help us make our conservative case to the 4th District and the nation?


As a treat for the moneybomb, we will count down the days for you this week with the Top Five Reasons to Spike Ike this November:

Skelton has been smearing Hartzler’s voting record on military issues for months. She’s taken great pains to correct the misinformation on her Facebook page. Now,  the campaign has an ad out to address the issue:



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