Midwest Voices: Watch out, Cleaver, here comes Jacob Turk

Turk and volunteer at the Proud to be an American Tea Party, July 3rd.

The editorial board of the Kansas City Star met with Jacob Turk on Wednesday morning to hear his stand on the issues.

Yael T. Abouhalkah, a member of the board had this to say about meeting in The Star’s, Midwest Voices: Watch out, Cleaver, here comes Jacob Turk

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is one of those rare Democratic politicians who doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected, even in this year of the angry, anti-incumbent voter.

Why do you guys keep saying “anti-incumbent?” Angry, yes. Anti-incumbent, no. Anti- LIBERAL incumbent. Let’s call it what it is, please. People are upset with big government, out of control spending, and that’s gonna mean curtains for a lot of liberal incumbents but virtually no conservative ones.

Turk’s campaign today says it will release a Rasmussen poll showing that Turk trails Cleaver, 52-43, with a 5 percent margin of error.

Sure, that’s not close to being enough for a winning margin for Turk. Still, it’s a lot better than the 65-35 margin Cleaver chalked up in the 2008 campaign.

I believe they said a 6-9 point spread, but I haven’t seen the numbers, yet.

In his appearance before The Star’s Editorial Board, Turk rolled out the same GOP talking points that seem to be working in races across the country: Yes to keeping the Bush tax cuts, no to the health care reform act.

Hold it right there…”GOP talking points”, really Yael?  Turk, a guy who refuses to take PAC money,  a guy who hasn’t received a dime from the Republican party, a guy who has differed with the party line on issues like Bush’s handing of the Iraq war, all of which he mentioned at the meeting….(yes, I was there), is just spouting “GOP talking points”, not his own heartfelt take on the issues? You weren’t impressed with his in depth answer to the  question, “what would you do on health care?”, which he knows something about because he’s worked in with the health ins. industry?* Vote for Jacob Turk, the “GOP Talking Point Guy”.

When it comes to local congressional GOP candidates, Turk didn’t distinguish himself with detailed and thoughtful answers to issues (as Kevin Yoder did; he’s running for the 3rd District seat in Kansas).

Were we at the same meeting? Maybe  I was impressed because I know practically nothing about local KC issues, but still. Someone asked what he thought of the KC “Green Zone”. As I remember, he panned it because the people within the zone and around the district are not seeing any jobs from it. He said it was great PR, but was not creating jobs. He based his answer on his conversations with people who live in the area. Jacob made a point of mentioning that he visits all parts of the Kansas City 5th District because he wants to represent the interests of us all.
How would Jacob Turk create jobs, they asked.
Well, Turk believes in providing a business friendly environment for job creation: providing low cost or no cost capital to budding entrepreneurs, so they can start businesses in the inner city where they’re most needed. He said the Cleaver approach has done nothing but put an enormous debt on our children and grandchildren, while keeping unemployment at 10% in Jackson County and over 40% in some parts of the District. He criticized the political leadership of Kansas City, including Cleaver for building ivory towers and making promises, while the neighborhoods are left to decay.
He shared a story about one of his black supporters who told him that even though he didn’t agree with him ideologically on all the issues, he saw Turk as a bridge between the urban and suburban communities so all of us in the 5th can come together to solve the problems of the urban core. Anyone who has met Jacob Turk can understand where that man is coming from.
I thought his answers were both thoughtful and detailed, without being overly wonkish.
Does Turk have an uphill battle? Definitely. But he’s within range, and this is a WAVE year.

Via Ace:
This is live now: bethewave2010.com. Sign up to do a little GOTV and fire someone who really needs a good hard firing. (Like Cleaver).

Cleaver and Skelton Should Be VERY Nervous


Turk emails to correct me on one detail:
Actually, I worked at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, NAIC, a quasi governmental body through which the state and territorial insurance commissioners worked together to regulate insurance companies of all types. The confusion may have come from me linking my employment at the NAIC to the knowledge I gained about the health care insurance business which have been a godsend for the current health care insurance reform debate. So never worked in the insurance industry but gained insight into how it works. 

I hope you will write about my deep conviction on ensuring our military men and women active and veterans are taken care of. They are people who deserve our respect and protection not political pawns which is how I see Cleaver treating them.

Point is, he was knowledgeable,  (unlike me).
One more thing. Jacob, a Marine vet spoke at length about his dedication to the military, and his stance on the war in Afghanistan, which Abouhalkah neglected to mention. He thinks we should be in it to win it, or bring them home.  He believes military folks deserve our respect and protection, and should not be used as political pawns, which is how he believes Cleaver is treating them.


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