Maryland’s Dem Governor Calls Illegal Immigrants ‘New Americans’ Repeatedly During Debate

In this Maryland Governors debate a few days ago, Governor O’malley, in addressing the problem of illegal immigration, expressed his appreciation for multiculturalism, and  “new Americans” , whom he says are not the cause of any of our problems.

He’s  up by 5 in the latest poll at RCP, but momentum seems to be going in his Republican challenger’s (Bob Ehrlich’s) direction.

I can’t imagine that this sort of weak rhetoric can possibly help him, especially in the same week that Germany’s Angela  Merkel announced that multiculturalism has “utterly failed”.

O’Malley’s comments come in the last half of the clip:

Unfortunately cut off was Ehrlich’s excellent  response:

“If somebody breaks in my house, is that a new member of my family that night?”
Gregory Kane at the Washington Examiner let O’Malley have it with both barrels:
The phrase O’Malley should have used in lieu of “new Americans” is “new Marylanders.” The nation’s leading sanctuary state east of the Mississippi has created its own criteria for state citizenship. And it also has four steps:

1. Enter the country, preferably illegally.

2. Whine about being a victim even though you’ve broken our nation’s laws. In fact, make no reference at all to your breaking the law. Talk about your “rights” instead.

3. Pin the racist tag on anyone who opposes your flagrant breaking of the law.

4. This is the most important step of all: Vote Democratic.

“New Americans” indeed. If there were an award given for the most craven display of caving in to an interest group, O’Malley would win it hands down.


4 thoughts on “Maryland’s Dem Governor Calls Illegal Immigrants ‘New Americans’ Repeatedly During Debate

  1. We were pleased to have Gov. Bob Ehrlich on “America Eres TU” radio show last Saturday talking about jobs and national security, among other things–two big factors that are involved when we speak about immigration. Ehrlich delivers a very positive and rational message on all levels.


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