Future Speaker: Why Are We Funding A Left-Wing Organization? (Updated)

Now we are  talking.

In an exclusive to National Review Online’s Robert Costa, John Boehner said:

…I think it’s reasonable to ask why Congress is spending taxpayers’ money to support a left-wing radio network — and in the wake of Juan Williams’ firing, it’s clearer than ever that’s what NPR is.”

Read his full quote at NRO.

This follows Sarah Palin’s Facebook post from earlier today: Juan Williams: Going Rogue

At a time when our country is dangerously in debt and looking for areas of federal spending to cut, I think we’ve found a good candidate for defunding. National Public Radio is a public institution that directly or indirectly exists because the taxpayers fund it. And what do we, the taxpayers, get for this? We get to witness Juan Williams being fired from NPR for merely speaking frankly about the very real threat this country faces from radical Islam.

Would Republicans have the spines to actually do this?

Fingers crossed!


DeMint will introduce bill to defund NPR

O’Reilly made the announcement today on his show:

This thing may happen, yet.


The Washington Times piles on: EDITORIAL: Cut off NPR

Michelle Malkin: Defund them now: NPR CEO attacks Williams’ sanity, then retracts; Update: Williams signed to new, $2 million FNC contract

Seize the moment, Republicans!


And the beat goes on….

Daily Caller: Juan Williams calls for the government to defund NPR

I have no doubt that if the American people were polled on this, a clear majority would support defunding …


I Can Think Of Some Programs I’d Like To See Cut

5 thoughts on “Future Speaker: Why Are We Funding A Left-Wing Organization? (Updated)

  1. I wish I liked Williams, but I can’t stand the guy, so hearing that he landed on his feet at Fox isn’t all good news. But watching NPR squirm will be lots of fun.


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