Nice: Debate Audience Gets Up And Says The Pledge Against Wishes Of Lib Moderator

You are going to love this. Prior to the debate between IL Rep. Melissa Bean and conservative Joe Walsh, the audience spontaneously got up and recited the pledge before the moderator could stop them.

Gateway Pundit reports that the debate moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, a member of the League of Women voters, and a former OFA member, later chastised the the audience for their “fake patriotism”. He also posts a great comment from AF vet, Joe Ptak, the man who stood up and requested that the pledge be recited.

Bradish apparently warned the audience after the the pledge, that she would not be “disrespected” like that again. Rebel Pundit was on the scene to interview her about that.

BREAKING VIDEO – Rebel Pundit Confronts Moderator Over Pledge Of Allegiance Flap

…Because there’s nothing more disrespectful to  than reciting the pledge of allegiance before a public political event.


Musing Minds has an eye witness report, here.

Apparently, Bradish also accused the audience of planning the pledge incident in advance, but, according to MM  it happened completely spontaneously.


12 thoughts on “Nice: Debate Audience Gets Up And Says The Pledge Against Wishes Of Lib Moderator

  1. I remember when I thought the League of women Voters was an outstanding organization, from the volunteer help they gave us in the polling places (helping lost voters find their correct polling place) to believing that their “debates” where the fairest view of the candidates available.

    How could I have been so wrong?


  2. I’ve always thought they were a nice, politically neutral organization, too.

    But as we all know, all organizations end up tilting to the left with the passage of time, because lefty vermin always end up infiltrating and causing rot from within.

    Look what happened to the VFW PAC. You see it even in our churches.


  3. Yep, it’s depressing. That’s why I love people like David Horowitz, who fearlessly go right into the lion’s den to fight the good fight. He knows how these commies think and operate because he used to be one, himself.


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  7. I was the Viet Nam vet Marine veteran who started the pledge after the other vet asked if it was going to be allowed. It was absolutely NOT a pre-planned event no matter what that idiot League of Women Voters moderator and Obama supporter said. I was just so sick and tired of being told what we can and can not do by these liberal Obama zombies that I just stood up and started to say it. Screw her and her feeling disrespected. We THE PEOPLE have been disrespected by the Democrats and the Muslim from Kenya who is currently, ilegally and temporarily occupying MY White House. Enough is enough – WE THE PEOPLE are taking our ccountry back on Nov. 2 and getting rid of his Socialistic butt in 2012 too.

    The two women in front of me were so thankful I started the pledge that they both turned aroudn and thanked me and gave me hugs when the pledge was over.


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