Limbaugh: What the Country Will Look Like Should Obama’s Agenda Prevail

Alternate title: What I missed on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Today, Because I went on a Class Field Trip With My Son.

This was was apparently a tour de force by El Rushbo:

RUSH:  You don’t have to wait ten years to find out what we’re going to be like.  You want me to quickly run down what the country would look like if the Democrats maintain this kind of control?


RUSH:  Okay, very simple.  And we can do this, we can do this because Imam Obama said that his agenda is on the ballot.  So all we have to do is look at his agenda.  Well, what did his agenda do?  Obama’s agenda has dramatically driven up unemployment.  Unemployment will continue to be high and go higher if the Democrats stay in power.  Obama has driven up the deficit so we would have to expect the deficit will remain high.  We also know that taxes will go up on the premise that we will lower the deficit by raising taxes.  So Americans will become poorer.  Fewer Americans will be working.  Those who aren’t working will be taken care of with transfer payments, redistribution of wealth, as Obama continues his assault on achievement.  The remaining achievers in this country will become targeted even more.

With higher taxes, punitive regulations, disincentives to start businesses and what have you.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the results of Obama’s agenda.  Under Obama and without any complaint from Democrats, we have deliberate attempts to spark class warfare and racial divide.  We have more racial division in this country than we’ve had since 1964, sponsored by and brought to us by Obama.  We have an attorney general who looks the other way at black-on-white election fraud. By design.  We have a civil rights division of the Justice Department that says its only reason for existence is to make sure that blacks are not cheated in elections.  It’s okay if whites are, because that’s just leveling the playing field from years ago.

Class warfare will continue, racial division will continue and get even worse. By design.  We have czars.  We have people appointed by the president to serve in positions that do work that we don’t know.  They are paid salaries we don’t know.  They are accountable to no one.  They report only to Obama; they do not have to get confirmed before the Senate.  We have an all-out effort to empower parasitic unions to continue to fund outrageous, unpayable gold-plate pensions. States’ bankruptcy will proceed on schedule, the unions and their pension plans and their health payments and their retirement funds will be paid no matter what consequence occurs to your me or our country.  All of this destruction, all of this transfer of wealth, all of this redistribution, all of this overseeing of America in decline will be paid for by the American taxpayer.

Vote Democrat if you want this to continue.  Vote Democrat if you want more of all of this.

Keep reading at the link.

Needless to say……don’t vote Democrat.

Hat tip: Lucianne




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