Jacob Turk Rally In Brookside

Kansas City’s premiere tea party organization, Political Chips, held a rally in Brookside, this afternoon, for Republican District 5 Candidate, Jacob Turk. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and dozens of district 5 voters turned up at rush hour, to show their support for Turk, who is in a dead heat with Cleaver, according to the latest polls.

Naturally, I took some pictures:

Jacob Turk (right) arrived towards the end of the rally, and posed for some pictures.

As we go into the final weekend of campaigning for this district-5 underdog, a man who KMBZ’s Scott Park’s insists, ” doesn’t have a prayer”, let’s  keep these words from Jim Geraghty’s, Obi-Wan in mind:

Crazy stuff happens in wave elections. And right now the “happy times” wave seems close. But if the Superwave shows up — and the Gallup low turnout number is probably indicative (at 14 this week, which is unheard of) — anything could happen.

And for Jacob Turk on November 2, I believe it will.


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