Video: Keith Ellison Crashes MN Integrity Watch Presser -Is Caught In Lie

This is just incredible….In Hennepin and Ramsey counties in MN, voters have been banned by election officials from wearing “tea party apparel”, and Integrity Watch pins to the polls. Why? Because some voters might be intimidated? The “North Star State” has become the “Red Star Police State”, it seems.

Why do Democrats object to voter I.D.s?   Why do they object to poll watchers? Why would anyone be intimidated if they are properly registered to vote?

Dems, as usual, doth protest too much.

Election Integrity Watch reported:

On Thursday, October 28, Election Integrity Watch filed a federal lawsuit against an illegal and unconstitutional policy instituted by Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, blocking people from voting if they are wearing “Tea Party” apparel or “Election Integrity Watch / Please ID Me” buttons.

Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN-5) claims Election Integrity Watch is out to suppress minority and student voters and uses deception to make his case.

When he crashed the press conference to impugn the neighborhood watch approach to encourage citizen involvement in protecting election integrity, he got caught with a difficult question. See how he used doctored Election Integrity Watch materials to make his unsubstantiated and outrageous points.

Wow, I’m pretty sure that didn’t go as well as Ellison had hoped….

I wonder why ensuring that we have honest and fair elections, is such a threat to people like Keith Ellison?

See also: Fox News Covers Election Integrity Watch


Gateway Pundit: Obama to Send Voter Observers to AZ to Crack Down on Poll Monitors

The Obama Justice Dept dismissed the Black Panther Voter intimidation case because minorities were the defendants. Now, they’re  concerned that conservative poll-watchers in AZ are going to intimidate minority voters, who should not be in the least bit intimidated if they are legally registered to vote.

Do you see a pattern, here?

If you are white, and conservative...this administration considers you the enemy.

Hat tip: Infidel Joe

6 thoughts on “Video: Keith Ellison Crashes MN Integrity Watch Presser -Is Caught In Lie

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  2. I was born and raised in St. Paul and am proud to be a former citizen of Minnesota.

    St. Paul/Mpls are strongholds of greenie-weenie yuppie types and whenever I had to go back for one reason or another I couldn’t wait to get out. Ugh!

    This video is the first time I’ve actually heard that Muslim speak. What a wacko. And the video is stopped on the place where he is making that gang related inward pointing gun gesture. I was going to try and take a screen shot of that but didn’t (I know doing screen shots is simple but I just didn’t feel up to it today)


  3. Why is it that the Dems hate a photo ID request before allowing people to vote? If you are a Dem, please answer this question. We would love to know why U are so scared to show a pictue ID to vote? Why? Just tell us why that is such a bad idea?


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