Video: GW Throws Out Perfect First Pitch In Game 4 Of World Series

Just like old times:

When it was time for him to pitch the ball, he pitched it with no hesitation,  no mugging for the camera, without a second thought. And it was a solid strike.

Big League Stew Reports:

George W. Bush came into Sunday’s Game 4  of the World Series with a reputation as the best first pitcher in presidential history to uphold.

Mission, uh, accomplished.

With his father George H.W. Bush looking on from just a few feet away, the experienced Republican righthander threw an impressive no-bounce heater to Texas Rangers team president Nolan Ryan behind the plate. While the pitch had nowhere near the emotional impact of Bush’s strike during the 2001 World Series after 9/11, it was a big moment for Bush, who used to own the team, and for his family’s constituents in the state of Texas.


(For comparison’s sake):

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Compare/Contrast Obama/Bush First Pitches

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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10 thoughts on “Video: GW Throws Out Perfect First Pitch In Game 4 Of World Series

  1. For the love of God…do you miss him yet? I do. Not that I agree with George the 2nd all the time, but dear God I miss him so much these last 2 years. I miss him.


  2. It was high, but he wasn’t throwing a pitch, because ryan was standing, so he just whipped a good solid throw towards center mass. If Ryan had squatted the bigguy could have landed a strike, but ryan was upright. I liked the casual way he sent the ball (at not a bad velocity for playing catch) down to ryan. Might have felt the need to put a little heat on it, just cuz it IS Nola Ryan.


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  4. Fine gentlemen, and a special family.

    Take note Dem former presidents, this is how you conduct yourself after leaving office. It’s no longer about you. It’s poor form to impose yourself in the politics of the moment in the pathetic attempt at continuing to shape your “legacy”.

    The Bush’s are what “Statesmanship” look like.


  5. Man, not a Ranger fan, AT All, but had a tear as I watched George 1 and 2 ride out to the plate. Nice to see Barb keeping score in the box with classy Laura at her side. I disagreed with a lot of George W Bush’s policies but he never wavered in his support of our troops and I will always admire him for that. George Senior was our last warror president, who actually served in battle, a true war hero. We are losing them (WW2 vets) too fast. What a contrast with the Dem Presidents running around. Carter hypercritical of our country in front of tyrants everywhere. Clinton has actually been better post presdidency as a fund raiser for world disasters… Then we have Obama, no class and also runs around bowing and apologizing to tyrants while dissing our allies and friends… Yeah, I miss Bush!!!


  6. Yeah. I miss GWB and the uber-class act, Mrs. Laura Bush. No matter what I may have TRULY been annoyed with him over (and there were some doozies), I never, ever felt like he didn’t care about America or we, the Citizens, and especially the gravity of sending our troops to war.

    He drove the left completely MAD by his insistence that they had every right to exercise their 1st Amendment, along with his refusal to publicly engage the smear-mongers. (unlike Obama, who fine-tuned his whining even as early as the campaign trail)

    I am actually GLAD these a-holes got a chance to be completely in charge of the government: only by actually witnessing an actual real-time demonstration of the Left’s stunning incompetence and hatred of our nation could the American citizen be woken from his/her apathy, and for that, I am profoundly grateful to the Left.

    I am not, however, looking forward to another 4-8 years of spewed Leftist extreme vitriol. I think it will be even worse than when GWB was president, because now they have the effects of utter humiliation, as well as hatred, in their arsenal.

    Expect it to be really, REALLY, terrible, folks. Our conservative-leaning government representatives are going to need our complete support (and harrassment) during the coming firestorm.


  7. PS: i think Ari Fleischer was an enormous buttress against the schreeching Left – he had an uncanny ability to mock-while-being-oh-so-reasonable the worst of the WH press corps’ fantastic smear-attempts.


  8. One thing we have now, that we didn’t have as much during the Bush years, is an unapologetic, confrontational, in your face conservative media. Breitbart, for instance prefers to play offense, not defense. As a result, more and more people are waking up to the tactics of the left, and the media (but I repeat myself), and perhaps won’t be as fooled in the future.

    Much of Bush’s negative numbers were driven by the 8 years of constant pounding he got from the left-wing media. And some was self inflicted. Like you noted, he frustrated conservatives to no end, at times. But we never doubted his core decency and love of country.

    I liked Fleischer, and Tony Snow, (what a terrible loss). McClellan not so much.


  9. Watching that clip of Ohell pitching I’m reminded of what Swarzenegger (sp, badly) said- Girly man! Altho I have a few more descriptive names myself, but I don’t want to get banned.


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