How MO-5 Conservatives Can Show Their Support For Jacob Turk, Friday Afternoon

Turk and friends after winning the primary, August 3rd.

The Kansas City areas tea party organization, Political Chips, is announcing an event for Republican District 5 Candidate, Jacob Turk.

With one week to go, Jacob Turk pulls even with Emanuel Cleaver in virtual dead heat! This exciting news was the hi-light of the Chris Stigall “Red Meat Tour” on Tuesday evening which featured several prominent candidates on both sides of State Line including every major news outlet.

You can see my coverage of the evening, including video of the speakers, here.

Next to the possible defeat of Nancy Pelosi, a Jacob Turk victory over Emanuel Cleaver would be a phenomenal accomplishment and would definitely go down in history as one of the greatest election defeats ever!

We may not have the funds to put on a star studded free concert to buy votes, like some people, (not that we would even want to), but we can certainly show our support for Turk in other ways…

Political Chips is organizing a “Sign Wave” in support of Jacob Turk this Friday beginning at 4:30 pm at the intersection of 63rd & Brookside in Brookside Missouri. You can make your own sign or show your support by holding a “Jacob Turk for Congress” sign. We are working towards obtaining a small batch of these to be available on-site. Please where a blue shirt if you can. A Jacob Turk t-shirt would be a bonus!

For those of you residing outside of the 5th District, please note that Jacob Turk’s Congressional vote is every bit as important as any other Congressman and counts the same! Let’s ride the wave of momentum and push Turk over the finish line in style!

Sounds like a plan!


Video: A Doctor Explains Health Care Rationing Under ObamaCare

Dr. David Janda gave this talk explaining the rationing inherent in ObamaCare on October 13, 2010, and it’s going viral.

Via: Dr. Rob Steele, who’s running in MI against an ObamaCare auther, John Dingall, on a platform of repeal and replace.

Hat tip: New Zeal

Another one of Loudon’s great video finds:Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

I almost swiped that, too, but my conscience wouldn’t let me do it. Go watch, and tremble for your country.


Mark Levin interviewed Dr. Steele on his radio show, Thursday:


Robin Carnahan Campaign Offers Voters Free Concert For Voter Registration Card

Join Robin Carnahan for a “birthday Jam” for Emanuel Cleaver, featuring Peaches and Herb, Evelyn Champagne King, and the Chi-Lites – a $95 dollar value, “for only your voter registration card” paid for by the MO Democratic State Committee, thank you Robin Carnahan!


Chris Stigall reported this on his radio show, this morning:

Either she’s desperate, or she’s got a lot of extra money to spend in the closing days of her campaign. Robin Carnahan is “throwing a birthday party” for Emmanuel Cleaver this Saturday featuring Peaches and Herb, etc.
All it costs you is your voter registration! NOT MAKING THIS UP….(yes, this is a real ad airing on …KC radio.)

There’s a reason  they’re taking these desperate, flop sweating measures…

Jacob Turk, who’s run a quiet, grass roots campaign, without any Republican Party, or PAC support, is now, according to the latest polling, in a dead heat with Cleaver.


FYI, in case you hit the links, and were wondering where the content went…the posts from Chris Stigall’s KCMO blog, and Facebook page were taken down because of “legal issues”  but by tomorrow, he plans to resume mocking the ad.

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“Moderate” Jon Stewart Tells Obama His Legislative Approach Seems “Timid” At Times

Stewart certainly lived up to this description of himself in his Discover the Networks profile, last night:

Stewart’s style of humor tends to be relatively gentle when poking fun at Democrats, but more pointed with regard to Republicans. While he regularly focuses a bemused sardonic eye on the foibles of conservatives, his chief criticism of Democrats tends to be that they are not liberal enough, or that they confront and oppose Republicans too weakly.

This exchange, which took place last night on The Daily show, puts the lie to the idea that  John Stewart represents sanity and moderation in the Democrat party:

In a discussion on health care reform, in which Stewart referenced a conversation he had with a member of the audience before taping began, Stewart told the president he ran with such “audacity,” but that his legislative approaches have seemed “timid” at times.

Obama disagreed,  and assured Jon that “change” doesn’t happen over night.

Jon Stewart is not a moderate Democrat. He’s not a garden variety liberal. When you look at Obama and his agenda, and think, “he hasn’t done enough”, you are a far left ideologue. The only people who think ObamaCare doesn’t “go far enough” are  socialist single-payer advocates, like Jan Schakowsky, who is out there on the very far left of the political spectrum.

See for yourself: (link fixed):

As you can see, Schakowsky is nowhere near the center of the spectrum. She represents the kook fringe who think ObamaCare “didn’t go far enough”, because it didn’t include the public option in the health care bill, which would have led to single payer more quickly.

The “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”  on the National Mall, is being billed as a rally “for the people who think shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat.” 

Ours is a rally for the people who’ve been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) — not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority. If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence… we couldn’t. That’s sort of the point.

Riiiight. From the looks of it, this moderate answer to the tea party for people “too busy to attend rallies” is turning out to be more like  another One Nation moonbat fest.

The LA Times reports:

The rally’s Facebook page is a hive of activity, much of it aimed at the political left, with posts about get-out-the-vote efforts and plugs for Democratic candidates mixed in with logistics advice. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 223,000 people indicated they planned to attend.

I can guaran-damn-tee you that no genuine political moderates or Republican leaning voters are going to be at this hive of left-wing activity being billed as a “rally to restore sanity”. Who are they trying to kid?


Ryan Mauro, NewsReal: Jon Stewart Voted “Most Influential Male.” In Related News, This Country Is Going Down the Tubes


More evidence this rally is not about “restoring sanity”…

Cliff Kincaid: Terrorist Ayers Endorses Stewart/Colbert Rallies

When comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced their rallies on the national mall scheduled for this Saturday, they may not have expected—or wanted—an endorsement from Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. But Ayers told the Ford Motor Company-sponsored Green Festival in Washington, D.C. last Saturday that the event will be a needed respite from the “Alice in Wonderland” world of military domination of the planet and wars waged by the U.S. “empire.”

The October 30 Stewart/Colbert rallies, dubbed “Restore Sanity” and “Keep Fear Alive,” are “worth attending,” Ayers said.

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A Robot Theater Presentation: Arguing With Lefties

Amusing, but depressingly accurate:

Hat tip: Babalu

Speaking of useful idiots.… A gaggle of lefty bloggers (proggers?) were invited to the White House for meeting with the Big Kahuna, today.

On Wednesday, the president conducted what appears to be the first ever in-person sit-down with political bloggers, hosting a group of five in the White House.

The invitees fall more under the rubric of ideological or issue-oriented activists as opposed to online reporters, though the names are familiar to most political junkies. An administration official confirmed that Joe Sudbay of AMERICABlog; Duncan Black (“Atrios”), who runs the site Eschaton; Barbara Morrill, who writes for the DailyKos; Jon Amato, who edits Crooks and Liars; and Oliver Willis, who runs an eponymous site, spoke with the president on Wednesday.


Iowahawk has the exclusive transcript from the meeting: One Afternoon In the Office of the Powerful Man On Earth:

Rush Transcript

I would like to thank you all again for agreeing to meet with the President on such short notice. I know that all of you, like the President, have very busy schedules. In order that we keep the President on his, I would like to…. excuse me sir, what are you doing?

Who, me?


I’m just taking one of these souvenir pens.

I’m sorry sir, that is the Abraham Lincoln fountain pen. The one used to sign the Emancipation Proclamation.

So it stays here? On the desk?


Hey man, my bad. I’ll put it right back in the holder thingy.

As I was saying…

How about this ashtray?

No sir. We will distribute a few small personal gifts to you at the conclusion of the meeting. As I was saying, the President is on a tight schedule today, so in order to make yours a productive meeting it is important that we keep it brisk and to the point. First I’d like to give you some protocol.

Is that anything like Darvocet? Because if it is I better have just a half-hit, I’m already on my third gin since lunch.

No ma’am. Protocol is the formal etiquette we use here for meetings. Sir?

Sorry, just checking out the desk drawers.

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Limbaugh: What the Country Will Look Like Should Obama’s Agenda Prevail

Alternate title: What I missed on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Today, Because I went on a Class Field Trip With My Son.

This was was apparently a tour de force by El Rushbo:

RUSH:  You don’t have to wait ten years to find out what we’re going to be like.  You want me to quickly run down what the country would look like if the Democrats maintain this kind of control?


RUSH:  Okay, very simple.  And we can do this, we can do this because Imam Obama said that his agenda is on the ballot.  So all we have to do is look at his agenda.  Well, what did his agenda do?  Obama’s agenda has dramatically driven up unemployment.  Unemployment will continue to be high and go higher if the Democrats stay in power.  Obama has driven up the deficit so we would have to expect the deficit will remain high.  We also know that taxes will go up on the premise that we will lower the deficit by raising taxes.  So Americans will become poorer.  Fewer Americans will be working.  Those who aren’t working will be taken care of with transfer payments, redistribution of wealth, as Obama continues his assault on achievement.  The remaining achievers in this country will become targeted even more.

With higher taxes, punitive regulations, disincentives to start businesses and what have you.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the results of Obama’s agenda.  Under Obama and without any complaint from Democrats, we have deliberate attempts to spark class warfare and racial divide.  We have more racial division in this country than we’ve had since 1964, sponsored by and brought to us by Obama.  We have an attorney general who looks the other way at black-on-white election fraud. By design.  We have a civil rights division of the Justice Department that says its only reason for existence is to make sure that blacks are not cheated in elections.  It’s okay if whites are, because that’s just leveling the playing field from years ago.

Class warfare will continue, racial division will continue and get even worse. By design.  We have czars.  We have people appointed by the president to serve in positions that do work that we don’t know.  They are paid salaries we don’t know.  They are accountable to no one.  They report only to Obama; they do not have to get confirmed before the Senate.  We have an all-out effort to empower parasitic unions to continue to fund outrageous, unpayable gold-plate pensions. States’ bankruptcy will proceed on schedule, the unions and their pension plans and their health payments and their retirement funds will be paid no matter what consequence occurs to your me or our country.  All of this destruction, all of this transfer of wealth, all of this redistribution, all of this overseeing of America in decline will be paid for by the American taxpayer.

Vote Democrat if you want this to continue.  Vote Democrat if you want more of all of this.

Keep reading at the link.

Needless to say……don’t vote Democrat.

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Chris Stigall’s Red Meat Tour (UPDATED)

I’m heading out to KCMO talker, Chris Stigall’s Red Meat Tour, tonight, which is featuring all of the KC area’s top Republican candidates, including, Jacob Turk, Vicky Hartzler, Kevin Yoder , and I believe Kris Kobach.

I’ll have an after action report, with pix, tomorrow afternoon.


When I arrived at the Uptown I had flashbacks of the SRLC, in New Orleans, last April, where anarchists gathered outside the Marriott to protest the Republicans. These guys weren’t anarchists, though…probably union … possibly paid for. I should have asked. Their Hey-hey, ho-ho Roy Blunt has got to go chant was beyond lame.

Jacob Turk started off the night, giving a solid speech. I didn’t videotape all of the speeches, but managed to catch some of  Turk’s, Vicky Hartzler’s,  Roy Blunt’s, and Sam Graves’ speeches…The laugh of the night was Sam Graves’ sheepish admission that his October surprise was that the Kansas City Star had endorsed him. And I didn’t get that on tape, because I thought my camera was recording, but it was on standby, dangit.

The big news of the night came  from Turk, who mentioned two private polls from the past few days that show him “either slightly ahead, or a little behind…”

I got to meet Stigall after the speeches, and he graciously posed for a picture with me:

I had Chris Kobach Sign his “Stop Voter Fraud poster for me.

The woman on the right is a recent convert to the Republican party.