Video: Boehner Hammers Obama in Cincinnati

As promised, Boehner had some choice words for Obama, concerning his “punish our enemies” quip:

Via Weasel Zippers, earlier today, Obama walked his words back a little:

A day before the pivotal midterm elections, President Barack Obama pulled back from remarks he made last month when he called on Latino voters to punish their “enemies” on Election Day.

In an interview Monday with radio host Michael Baisden, Obama said he should have used the word “opponents” instead of enemies.

I’m not seeing an apology…I’m seeing self victimization:

“Now the Republicans are saying that I’m calling them enemies,” Obama said. “What I’m saying is you’re an opponent of this particular provision, comprehensive immigration reform, which is something very different.”

The mean ol’ Republicans are saying that because he did call them enemies.

‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’

But I’m sure Obama is sorry…. his divisive words were caught on tape so close to an election.


Newsbusters: A Week Late, NBC Nightly News Reports Obama’s ‘Punish Our Enemies’ Crack

Hey, NBC… here in the blogosphere, we have a word for stories that are reported a week late — OLD.
And see, the way I think it’s supposed to work in the news business, is,  you try to report on a story when it’s new and fresh….the more enterprising among you might even try to “scoop” your competitors…unless of course,  you don’t see yourselves as primarily news aggregates, but as activists  pushing a certain point of view, suppressing others. If that’s the case, you do an amazing job.


Video: More Arguing with Lefties

Well, I’m not sure I would call it arguing because the guy doesn’t get a word in edgewise. ..

video via: Weasel Zippers

Still more arguing:

Liberals at the “Restoring Sanity” Smugfest take great umbrage at the idea that Obama is Keynesian. He. was. born. in. Hawaii! How much more proof do you idiots, want!

video via iOWNTHEWORLD

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Signs Of Democrat Desperation In Maryland

Based on an email obtained by Fox News, Todd Starnes is reporting that  Union members in Maryland were threatened with punishment if they didn’t campaign for Democratic candidates or volunteer as poll watchers.

The email was sent to members of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, requesting volunteers to walk in a parade with Democratic Maryland Senator  Barbara Mikulksi and Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Their participation was also requested on Nov. 2 to work election polls.

“I have been informed by our representative, Jim Bestpitch, if we do not participate in the above activities; Jim advised he would see that our Election Day Holiday would be negotiated out of our contract,” wrote Mike Pyles, president of Union 553 in the city of Cumberland.

Hey, what did the big guy say? Punish your enemies? Well, if you’re not willing to help out the party, I guess that might make you an enemy in the eyes of Maryland Dem honchos.

But it turns out that it was all a big mistake…Bestpitch “miscommunicated wrong”:

The email has some union members wondering if they are being extorted, but Bestpitch told Fox News that was not case.

“That was miscommunicated wrong,” Bestpitch said. “The way the email was worded – it was wrong.”

Bestpitch said union member contacted him personally and told him they felt threatened. He said he’s been visiting local union shops to set the record straight.

Now he’s miscommunicating right.


A commenter close to the situation weighs in:

I was a recipient of the e-mail that Todd Starnes has reported on regarding AFSCME and Jim Bestpitch and I can tell you that Jim Bestpitch lies. I have known Jim and Mike Pyles [the Union President who sent the e-mail] for many years. Mike is a decent guy who I believe was merely conveying the message that Jim wanted to send. Bestpitch threw Pyles under the bus and is trying desperately to cover his behind. Jim came to our office to try and talk his way out of it but we sent him packing. Although an AFSCME member. I and most of my coworkers are conservative and are sick and tired of the Union attachment to liberal politics. Just trying to set the record straight.

More “volunteer” opportunities in Maryland include State sponsored sign stealing:

The leader of the state with the slogan of “Seize the Day Off” apparently told state employees to work on their days off, at overtime rates, according to candidates and residents along major thoroughfares in the Democratic stronghold of Montgomery County, in the Washington suburbs. Those residents told Newsmax they were surprised on Saturday when highway workers removed signs from their front yards and tossed them into a state dump truck.

“This is an absolute outrage,” said Rob Vricella, a Republican candidate for county council who confronted the workers. “I jumped up into the truck and retrieved my own signs and saw a pile of what looked like all Republican signs.”

When Vricella challenged the workers, they identified themselves as state employees who were getting overtime to remove the signs on the Democratic governor’s orders, he said.


A few minutes after Vricella encountered the state workers, the truck stopped in front of Charles Pelham’s house in Bethesda. His wife was working in the yard when the state workers removed Republican campaign signs from their property, despite her protests, Pelham said.

The workers told her the same story: They were acting on the Democratic governor’s orders and receiving overtime for working on Saturday and Sunday.

Candidates regularly put up signs on the medians of main roads, even though state law forbids the practice and holds offending candidates responsible for their removal. Candidates who don’t remove their signs after Election Day can be fined, although that has happened rarely, if ever.

But the state has no authority to remove signs from private property. Removal of private property without the owner’s request is theft.

O’Malley is running against former Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich, whom O’Malley ousted in 2006. O’Malley also recently distinguished himself by calling illegal immigrants, “new Americans” in a debate with Ehrlich. For some inexplicable reason, O’Malley is up by 10 in the latest polling.


Yid With Lid:  Poll: Union Members Angry About Money Leadership Wasting on Election

Is there about to be a new Tea Party led by Union rank and file? A nationwide poll of 760 union members from both the private and government sector conducted last week by Frank Luntz of Fox News fame shows an incredible dis-attachment between union leadership and they people they are supposed to be working for, the rank and file.

Conducted for the National Right to Work foundation, the poll found that 60 percent of union members oppose their union bosses’ political spending in the 2010 midterm elections, viewing it a wasteful use of union dues and treasuries to protect incumbent Democrat politicians in Washington, D.C

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


Boehner To Hit Obama Hard For “Enemies” Remark At Rally, Tonight

I’m not sure how many voters have heard Obama’s nasty quip to Hispanics, but every single American should hear it. John Boehner intends to remind people tonight at a rally in Ohio.

The Politico reports:

House Republican Leader John Boehner plans to hammer President Obama tonight during an election-eve rally in Cincinnati, pivoting off an Obama comment to Univision radio that got huge play in the right blogosphere. The president said: “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ — if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election — then I think it’s going to be harder. And that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.”

–From Boehner’s prepared remarks: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a president in the White House who referred to Americans who disagree with him as ‘our enemies.’ Think about that. He actually used that word. When Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush used the word ‘enemy,’ they reserved it for global terrorists and foreign dictators — enemies of the United States. Enemies of freedom. Enemies of our country. Today, sadly, we have president who uses the word ‘enemy’ for fellow Americans — fellow citizens. He uses it for people who disagree with his agenda of bigger government — people speaking out for a smaller, more accountable government that respects freedom and allows small businesses to create jobs. Mr. President, there’s a word for people who have the audacity to speak up in defense of freedom, the Constitution, and the values of limited government that made our country great. We don’t call them ‘enemies.’ We call them ‘patriots.’” Rally info

Drew makes a good point over at AoSHQ:

It’s pretty scary to think what the next two years are going to bring in terms of rhetoric from Obama. He was vindictive and divisive in victory, one can only imagine what he’s going to be like when he’s backed into a corner and besieged from all sides.

Pretty much everyone agrees that he won’t be moving to the center, he will continue his attempts to demonize conservative groups, agitate core constituencies, pitting Americans against each other…. The acrimony will be palpable.

Caddell and Schoen seem to be saying the same thing in their recent WaPo oped,  Our Divisive President, Redux:

The president is the leader of our society. That office is supposed to be a unifying force. When a president opts for polarization, it is not only bad politics, but it also diminishes the prestige of his office and damages our social consensus.

Moreover, the divisive rhetoric that Obama has pursued can embolden his supporters and critics to take more extreme actions, worsening the spiral.

Whatever the caliber of Obama’s tactics, they might achieve some short-term success. The Republican Party has offered no narrative or broad solution, and it has campaigned exclusively to take advantage of the negative environment. It contributes merely a promise of a more hostile environment after Tuesday.

With the country beset by economic and other problems, it is incendiary that the president is not offering a higher vision for the nation but has instead chosen a strategy of rank division. This is an attempt to distract from the perceived failures of his administration. On issue after issue this administration has acted in ways that are weakening the office of the president.

2012 cannot get here soon enough.


The Commander in Chief of MSNBC


Video: Obama and Perriello Supporters Say “Socialism Is Cool”

Americans for Prosperity tried to pass out some “Socialism isn’t cool” bumper-stickers to the crowd waiting outside of the Obama rally in support of Dem-Socialist Tom Perriello in Virginia, Friday night. They had no takers, which should surprise no one. These are the 14 percenters – the “One Nation” left.

Their reactions included;  “What’s not cool about Socialism?”…”Socialism is cool” “I love Socialism, “I think Socialism would work pretty well”….”Jesus was a Socialist”….”Socialism is awesome”…”Socialism is totally good”…

Only 14% of Americans Prefer Government-Regulated Economy Over Free Market Capitalism…

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit